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THREAD SHOW on Nov. 20th in San Francisco FREE TICKETS GIVEAWAY + SomeVelvetVintage on Etsy Interview !

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Buying online can be a bit tricky as one never knows what size to buy, if the vintage is in good condition, if the price is reasonable compared to the material and weight of the piece and ultimately if what you receive in the mail really resembles what you imagined the item to be. It's kind of pot luck, but the prices can be lower than you're local thrift store, and the items unusual enough that it saves you time compared to rummaging days on end for something special, where we all know Goodwill hunting can be terribly frustrating when for some reason, that mysterious person with a similar eye already got there before you and snagged whatever it was to be snagged, which otherwise had you gotten there sooner would've provoked a facial expression none other than pure delight.

The lovely gal behind SomeVelvetVintage Jacci, sent me this fun dress reminiscent of the 60s mod fashion. When I unpacked it, I thought Xmas came early ! Jacci had wrapped this piece in a perky bow, ready to be torn open and whipped on. I almost fell on my bum due to the psychedelic impact of its pure grooviness that oozes out of this dress's velvety to the touch material. I've ordered from this great vintage Etsy store in the past and I just love the superb quality and the countless unusual pieces she seems to find for our enjoyment. No worry about having to scour your local thrift stores for months trying to find that one neat item you can't live without ! Don't worry, because SomeVelvetVintage has you covered with her impeccable taste, you'll be sure to find something right up your alley in her store.

jacket, vintage; dress, c/o SomeVelvetVintage, tights, Urban Outfitters; shoes, Nordstrom Rack


Jacci, the owner of SomeVelvetVintage was sweet enough to take the time out to answer some of my most pressing questions. Read on for more !

Name : Jacci
Age : I'm 27.
Occupation: I've got a vintage Etsy shop, run a style blog, and I work in a bicycle shop by day.
Hometown: Born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. I've lived in Philadelphia for 10 years now.

Some Velvet Vintage is a vintage store on Etsy, featuring unique vintage threads and accessories. How long have you had your Etsy store and when did you become interested in vintage clothing ?
Some Velvet started in April this year. I had a similar vintage shop on ebay for several years and being able to compare the two, I really love the Etsy community much more. The interaction is great and the customers have been so friendly and supportive. I've had an interest in fashion for a long long time, and I feel like my personal style really developed when I moved to Philadelphia at 17. It was then that I got into thrift shopping and found that I had a serious love for hunting down the perfect vintage pieces.

You're vintage items are fairly priced and by experience the quality rocks. Sometimes we order things over the internet not knowing what we're going to get, what are your criteria when purchasing items for your store and do you ever want to just keep an item for yourself ?
The first thing I look for is if the item is interesting and if it will stand out in a photo. I look for crazy prints, unexpected fabrics and textures and cuts, etc. Second I check the label/tag because finding something great that has a designer label is just icing on the cake. Then I always do a triple over look to make sure there are no huge flaws in the item. And yes I usually find at least one or two things that I end up keeping for myself each time I go shopping!

What is it about vintage clothing that you believe makes an outfit different or unusual ?
Something I hate more than anything is walking into a room and seeing another girl wearing the same thing as me. I think most girls will agree that this is one of the most awkward and embarrssing scenarios. With vintage, you don't have to worry about this.

Would you care to share with us where you like to find your vintage items and what you look out for when purchasing new pieces for your store? What are you looking out for this Fall ?
I usually go shopping about once or twice a week. I hit up various thrift shops, flea markets, street sales, other vintage stores, etc. I really have to use my imagination when shopping. Sometimes a garment on a hanger may look so drab and boring, but if I envision it on one of my models, I know I can make it work. I look for items that stand out and make me go WOW! For Fall/Winter I look for capes, slouchy sweaters, leather jackets, chunky 90's style platform shoes, etc. I've been nostalgic for the 90's lately. And I mean 90's ranging from My So Called Life grunge style to the TLC r&b girl group -crop top and bamboo earrings look.

What would you say are the hottest trends of the moment that one can find in todays vintage section ?
I guess I kind of answered this question above. I think the 90's are still really hot right now. Also some punk aesthetics like creepers, studded and spiked everything, and lots of leather.

You also have a style blog, called "being perfect is hard", how did you come up with the name and when did you first start blogging ? Do you feel that blogging has changed you in any way ?
I started my blog about 2 years ago. The term "Being Perfect is Hard" just sort of rolled off my tongue and stuck. I'm pretty sarcastic and this phrase is so sarcastic to me especially since the fashion industry is so obsessed with perfection, and I am totally not. I don't think having a blog changed me personally except that it has given me another hobby and way to express myself creatively. And once you have other people following your blog, it motivates you to keep going so they'll keep coming back. There's no slacking in blogging as I'm sure you know. Other than that blogging has opened me up to new oppurtunities and it's great exposure for my etsy shop, and other things I'm doing.

What stands out to you when it comes to the latest fashions ? and do you follow the latest trends or prefer to dance to your own beat when it comes to styling your own outfits ?
I love certain aspects of EVERY era of fashion and I think mixing them all together is the best thing. There's nothing better than being able to mix some 60's style bell bottoms with a ripped up grungy flannel topped with a punk rock studded leather jacket. If you can pull off your own style no one can touch you.

You have such lovely models who you photograph for your store, I am especially a fan of the light blond who has a sort of bad chick attitude that shines through the photos. Would you care to share with us where you find your models and if they have style blogs as well ?
I actually lucked out by having a couple friends who look like models and allow me to dress them up in crazy outfits. Alexis (the blond) has been modeling for me for about 5 years now, and Erin (the brunette) began modeling for me when Some Velvet started this year. They don't have style blogs but Alexis is currently starting a new band and Erin is one of the only real female DJ's in Philadelphia, so yeah they are both very cool and it's really easy to work with models who already have great personal style!

->I especially love when Jacci says " If you can pull off your own style no one can touch you"<- Thanks again to Jacci for participating in this interview ! Don't forget to follow this blog and leave a comment under this post for your chance to win 2 free tickets to The THREAD show in San Francisco on the 20th of November from 11am to 5pm, at the Metreon ! Good Luck xo


  1. Hello! I love the color of your lipstick & sweater. I'm also entering your thread show giveaway and followed you on blogger :)

    Name: Ellen H.


  2. Hi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress so much!
    I really hope I win the contest <3 Thanks for doing it!

    Name: Eva

  3. Oh hot dayum. I want to steal that dress. You lucky girl. There are some really neat pieces on her Etsy. I'd definitely purchase something if I had the funds. She seems so cool and down to earth. How lovely. :)

  4. oh wow, i'm so glad i found your have unbelievably awesome style and such great vintage finds. not to mention you're totally model gorgeous and have amazing photographs!

    are you going to the thread show? I just found out about it and am considering on it! :)

    Beneath the Glass

  5. Amazing outfit! Love everything about it! You have just won a new follower!! Maybe you could follow each other? xoxo
    Thanks so much!!

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