Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smurfette in the making

Last night I decided enough with the purple. So just in time for the Halloween, I thought I'd go Smurfette blue on y'all. It seems I'll be making some Smurfs envious with my locks.

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with Ebay...

 I cannot imagine life before Ebay. Two words come to mind, meaningless, dull. It is amazing what kind of treasures you can find on the yard sale gone viral on the web. This eyeball ring on my hand here, was purchased on ebay, and I must say, its the thrifting gals'lazy dream. Forget about having to take the bus all the way down to the mission, waiting impatiently in traffic, the fear of having to get all quarterback-like by pushing away humans who are about to snatch up YOUR fringe jacket,coming home empty handed and empty spirited because not only have you wasted a whole afternoon of your life running around like a chicken who's head was severed but you've "scored" nothing..Alas ! Ebay is here as a solace and comfort to your shopping woes, there to provide 24 hr, 7 days a week shopping therapy. Thats what I call a devoted therapist !

Anyhoo, enough of my insanity, herewith todays outfit !







shirt&leggings,Aritzia;Jacket,Goodwill;shoes,Gee Wawa Flora in Raspberry;assorted rings,Ebay;scroll ring,Konstantino;big ball necklace,Thomas Sabo;bracelet,Fope


  1. the blue looks so awesome! love the touches of pink too! xo

  2. Love the smurfette-look, the blue looks great on you. :)

    I absolutely love the accessories, did you buy them all on ebay ?

    Kisses !


  3. The pictures are blowing me away. I'm definitely subscribing to your blog! Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
    the personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  4. I love your hair!
    And completely agree about Ebay, its a treasure hunt without the dust.

  5. Maybe you would like this shop on Etsy (not Ebay, I'm sorry) !

  6. Your jacket and jewellery a just awesome!

  7. You are crazy cool. I love everything about this look! And your hair is awesome.

  8. very nice shoes and leggins :)

  9. i love your mermaid hair and the mix-match of all the prints, you really do pull it off.

  10. Your hair looks wonderful :) And you're so right about eBay. I feel the same way and about etsy also. It's like thrifting but having someone do all the work for you HAHA :) Your outfit looks perfect by the way.


  11. Bye bye purple! I can still see some of it. Ooooh I like the braid.
    Digging all the floral. Jesus that eyeball ring might be one of the coolest I've seen yet. All of your rings are marvellous. You are a hero of mine.


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