Saturday, June 6, 2015

They just don't make 'em like they used to

When my uncle in Texas emailed me that he started making hats and wanted to send me one of his many designs, I didn't hesitate to send him my "yes please" along with my address. After a few weeks, he sent me this vintage style matador hat carefully wrapped and cushioned upon arrival. After much contemplation, and review of the various styles, I decided upon the matador, a favorite of mine. Handmade in the U.S.A. (Texas to be exact), my uncle scouts the many vintage stores, estate sales and other resources in order to find a pristine vintage piece which is then replicated to fit, appear and made with the finest materials, as if you were to hop into a time machine and swoop it off some poor fools head back in the 1960s. Its craftsmanship is impeccable compared to what you'd find in stores today and will undoubtedly last you a lifetime. The saying is true, they just don't make them like they used to. Well with Chieffalo vintage hats, you no longer have to search incessantly all over eBay, etsy and flea markets, (like I do) for that perfect something to top off your outfit is not only custom-made in the U.S.A. to fit your style and head size, but also readily available wherever you are.

Check him out on instagram! chieffalo_vintage_hats

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A little Pizazz

What with the last moments of cool weather blessing my heat hater soul, it is only appropriate to pay homage to the shivers by wearing a furry gigantic coat, one of many, in my sinful collection of outerwear.

I have decided to go bald and fully adopt the bowl cut life, thus my dreams of mullet goodness must take a back seat for now.

Coat & hat, vintage
dress, Tsumori Chisato
shoes & socks, UNIF

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Unexplainable and Some New Specs

In other news, Firmoo a website that sells an array of prescription glasses for low prices but pretty swell quality, contacted me in regards to a collaboration for the blog. I was pretty stoked as I am in actuality blind as a bat without my contact lenses and I was really due for a new pair of glasses to wear on my days off.


I called in for my prescription where I had my last eye exam and filled out the necessities online. You choose a style you like, then you have to know your prescription but your optometrist should give you a copy of that info. The shipping is quick and easy! The glasses come with a case and little glass cleaner towelette. I have gotta say these are surely the best glasses I have had so far because I didn't have to pay over $300 for glasses (I have a pretty ridiculously strong prescription, that costs insane, believe me) and they're sturdy! (Ive dropped them a couple times on accident, fuddling for them in the dark at 7:15am).

Thanks Firmoo! Check them out here.


For over a year now becoming the non beauty school dropout that I am, days upon hours and seconds surrounded by blow dryers, shears and endless hair color at my disposal and classmates devoted to turning anyones head into their very own science experiment and ecstatic to finally getting their hands dirty, meant I wasn't leaving beauty school with a head full of hair. This surprisingly doesn't bother me. And now, something reminiscent of a mullet and bowl cut with shaved side has taken shape onto my cranium. It was a concoction of what I enjoy most. Everything and anything mixed into one so that I may not become bored with it because at this point I don't have much hair anymore to torture anyway. So i better like it.

Herewith my new almost bald-headed-eagle-like 'do.

(Check out my new hairstyling website! Caution my graphic design skills are horrible, excuse me)


☞☞☞ inspiration sorta like : Annie Lennox channeling some Ziggy Stardust

and this demonic looking child that will certainly keep me up at night


everything thrifted except the creepers which are by TUK


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

365 Days to the Wind

Hey there 2015, Cheerio 2014.


Over the past year, a few major changes have kept me away from blogging and photography in general. To name a few: Ive started cosmetology school at the Aveda institute to become a hairstylist, discovering a strong passion for cutting, coloring and blowing out all types of tresses, and I have suffered from some emotional turmoil with a loved one that recently passed away. Dealing with loss, and having grown a year older to find out that with age life's wrinkles smooth themselves out and things become frankly, a little bit easier. The simple stupid woes that once stirred my anxieties or chipped away at my confidence and certainty have long since dissipated. Thankfully. Once having thought that the struggle is real, the struggle becomes less intense and the rose tinted glasses begin to slide down onto the bridge of your nose comfortably. Don't get me wrong, the tint of those glasses may turn a bright red, I mean, everyone might have a slip up of some mean temper rising, but it does not remain so.

I also chopped all my hair off. I do like short cuts on others, (dibs to Twiggy and Rosemary's Baby era Mia Farrow) but I gotta say I do miss having the option of a curtain sliding over my eyes at times. However Im very much digging the ginger look for 2015.

Herewith my first post for this year. I look forward to more posts and grumpy pouts (Im not big on posing around in public *shoutout to the strange man who was smirking at me getting my outfit shot, as if I was completely naked or something*).


Vest and dress, second hand
top, UNIF
jeans, AA
shoes, Jeffrey Campbell

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Icy Times and the Moody Blues Eradicated

These days, I've been quite the busy bee. Having started cosmetology school at the Cinta Aveda institute back in March of this year, whilst simultaneously kicking myself in the back for not having gone sooner, the overabundance in joy I feel snipping and coloring away is almost sickening to those around me..

The creepy ecstatic feeling I have stroking a complete strangers long luscious locks and imagining how to bring a dull 'do back to life, is something perhaps a reason for non-cosmo students to raise an eyebrow at, however now as an official "hairstylist", no one seems to bat an eyelash at my strange and unusual fetish. People rejoice in my company and ask the big question :
"what do you think we should do?"

Herewith a lovely review by a sweet new client of mine who left feeling fresh and not violated by the adoring look in my eyes at her lovely lengthy tresses.


In other news, I have dared fate and attempted to ice skate at this wee rink they put up in
Union Square..


jacket, Unif
sweatshirt c/o BlindYouth
pants, AA


Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Big To-Do

As all of you Wang fans must have known, today was the unveiling of the Alexander Wang and H&M's highly anticipated collaboration. As a great fan myself of A. Wangs designs (but not of the prices), I awaited with baited breath and cobweb filled pocketbook, for the landing of what could be the closest I could get to a piece hanging in my closet without having to sell my liver.

☞☞ Drumroll please

The fruit of Wang's loins however, truly didn't wow me in the way I thought would happen. Waiting in line at the H&M powell street location here in SF, the frightful tension arose, as if I were waiting for Dita von Teese to take her top off and reveal her tassel bejeweled nips. I strolled around at what seemed to be a fire hazard waiting to happen. "92% polyester" the materials listed, and so forth. Either these items were meant to be worn in sub-zero weather, or they were meant for you to workout in to provoke quite a sweat or even perhaps, this collaboration wasn't really thought through. There was quite a mumble going round, some excitement, some disappointment, where at one point a guy said "and to think people were waiting at 11pm the night before to purchase this stuff".

Not to diss nor offend anyones taste, but I was pretty pouty to say the least, the collection was pretty pricey for the low quality of materials used (not the leather however, I admit that was on point with most other leather goods). I was not all smiles as when the Maison Margiela x H&M collab came out 2 years ago, which didn't seem to break the bank with sales it seems with inventory still hanging about the store even 2 weeks after unveiling, but the collection was nonetheless unusual, creative and pretty awesome, price wise on point. Remember that reversed inside out leather jacket? Swoonage. H&M used to be affordable, but now seems to have risen in price at least 40% over the last 5 years. A fake fur coat made in China for $129? Who the hell even knows how "ethical" or environmental friendly that must've been to put together that jacket, I don't want to fathom it. I could go on and on, but thats a whole other rant. I'll spare you that until next time!

I did however peruse the racks and found this piece in particular to be interesting. Oversized, outerspace-like form and the best part? Sith-lord hood. Sold!

(After wearing it around for no more than 20 minutes, I returned the sucker. It was uncomfortable, terribly hot and stiff to the point where I truly just wanted to bust out in robotic hand motions) ��

Oh well, Wang dreams have dissipated, and Im still awaiting that orgasmic H&M collab that might never happen.

Jacket, Alexander Wang x H&M
top, Helmut Lang
Leather pants, J Brand
shoes, Trippen

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lady in Red

☞ Initially, this dress was supposed to be for a different occasion.

I decided to go as Lydia Deetz this year for Halloween, and upon finding this red disaster of a dress in the mission at Clothes Contact, I sighed in relief I did not have to search any further, as I hate spending too much money on a costume and am not the most thrilled at hunting for one.

Alas, it was not to be, as I furiously pulled on the dress prior to this shoot, I realized I was foolish for not sizing it up better, and for not trying the darn rag on, as it went "Rrrrriiiiiiippppp!.." all the way my bum. It was just too bootylicious.

Booty vs. Red Dress 1-0.

That was the score. And boring and elderly as I could be, I traded in my night out for a night in, cat snuggles and Hocus Pocus followed by The Witches of Eastwick on the small screen.


vintage 80s dress, Clothes Contact
leather leggings, Helmut Lang
shoes c/o Naughty Monkey