Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The 80s hair is back, so get on track

I took out my extensions and now I feel like a band member from the 80s metal band Twisted Sister. Dee Snider would be proud. I just love the volume ! Va Va Voom.

Do you notice the pumpkin in the background ? Thats what I call loyal to a holiday ! Especially a great one like Halloween. My kind of house that keep its holiday adornment on the stoop for months to come.

kimono, top, vintage; cheap monday jeans; Jeffrey Campbell Lela shoes

I got this awesome ring for my birthday yesterday by Unearthen in amethyst, its truly a work of art on your hand. I gasped at the neat little wooden box it came in too, and as the brand is called "Unearthen", the ring sat in moss. They have such beautiful jewelry, if my pocketbook didnt spew out cobwebs at me every time I thought of something I could buy, then Unearthen would be my go to online shopping spot. Sigh !

In other news, I am a photography major, but took a break this semester to think about changing my major. I love photography, but I have learned everything I know through books and the internet, so if you're passionate about something, you don't necessarily need a degree to prove you know what you're doing (in my eyes at least !). I enjoy it as a hobby, but as a career, i thought that jewelry design would be more down my alley. This afternoon I went to an art supplies store out by Townsend and am in the midst of experimenting with making my own rings ! So soon I'll be posting some pictures of my experiments (oh-oh, frankenstein jewelry comin' your way), I feel like a kid with a chemistry kit..Lets just hope nothing explodes in my face when I mix the ingredients together. Stay tuned !

Have a great night in the blogosphere ! xo


  1. madeline showed me your blog and i think you're magic! by the way, i work at unearthen so i'm the one who packaged up your ring! small world, isn't it? this outfit is gorgeous. totally inspiring!

  2. Your hair looks way cooler this way! And that double ring is KILLLERR

  3. You look adorable! I really like your style. I think your blog is very nice, and I would like to invite you to my blog, check it out and if you like it we might follow each other!

  4. Your hair looks amazing on you :D Plus those boots are the coolest i've seen in a long time, love them! I just popped you in my favourite blog list by the way!

  5. That kimono is so rad -- what a sick find!

  6. i saw this on lookbook and immediately came to see more pics. i love your new 'do. that ring is KILLER - and i think this is one of my favorite outfits on you ever!


  7. YAY! JOIN THE SHORT HAIR CLUB! It looks really great on you! I hadn't even realized you had extensions. I love your fringed tee and kimono. You can really rock a kaleidoscope of colours!


  9. you are SO beautiful and I love your style ♥♥


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