Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sheepish Connection

I don't know what it is about winter, but its like this cloudy film has slipped over my eyes and made me like a blind crazy hermit lady. All I want to do is hide away at home and drink tea with my 1000 chihuahuas (that I have yet to adopt, at an undisclosed location that consists of a nice little summer house overlooking some beach, not the ice cold Pacific that SF's Ocean Beach has to offer that is, no thanks). Although the cold weather does have its perks, that being I get to fish out all my wacky Men's knitted vintage sweaters, which I surprisingly all bought this summer when it was sweltering hot, cause The Wasteland had some great selections !

Oh ! and check out the moon glaring down at us, an image I took as I was walking home from taking photos of today's get-up.
Spooky, eh ?

Herewith todays ensemble :

jacket,sweater,shoes, vintage; leggings&socks, H&M

Oh lordy, Can't Hardly Wait was just on HBO this evening. What a soundtrack that movie made, a gem I wanted to share with you...



  1. uh oh! looking all grown up and totally YUMMY! I dig it.

  2. I love your blog. You have a new follower. :]

  3. That coat looks so ridiculously warm. It fits surprisingly well, for a men's jacket. Those boots are divine, too. What what. Have I ever told you you are beautiful? That sounds like a pick up line...

  4. That coat is so lovely, these photos are beautiful as usual too :) oh oh, and by the way i LOVE that crystal/moon cuff braclet in the last post, one of the most amazing jewellery pieces ever!

  5. Loving that coat! Plus it looks so comfy and warm, I wish I could be wearing it right now!

  6. You have suCh great style, very unique!
    xx so

  7. Such a cool jacket ! And you have awesome hair xoxoxo You Go Girl!

  8. Between your coats and your jewelry you have me seriously envious! (as well as bookmarking the online shops you feature) And I really like your hair this way, too- it looks really good!

  9. So gorgeous! Can't Hardly Wait is one of my favorite movies ever!


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