Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello, I'm a Thriftaholic.

 This afternoon was quite the disaster. This is how I felt...


I was up late, 11am-ish if you must know (the point being you'll probably feel less guilty and pass me the blame for living a life way more sloth-y than most) due to having watched the quite brilliant but quite reminiscent of the Ninth Gate, but quite the tension filled, mystery filled, intriguing film that is...



Coat by BB Dakota c/o Lulu's; sweater, second hand; leggings; Urban Outfitters; shoes, Nordstrom Rack; long tiered necklace, for sale here


  1. you always look like a doll! i love your style and your light blonde hair! so lovely! have fun thrifting tomorrow, hope you score some good finds!

  2. Really like the coat, and leggins are to die for!

  3. I cannot believe you braved a SF Goodwill in the afternoon. Wishing you luck for tomorrow morning! Oh and I totally just read "IMACOMIN" out loud...definitely not awkward or anything! Haha

    I am also loving your new blog header btw!

  4. beautiful hair

    cool outfit

    love the nail colors!

  5. you have such an amazing style dear, I love it because I can see your personality in each on of the outfits!
    you rock sweetie


  6. I adore your style! You combined everything so well!



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