Monday, February 13, 2012

Kudos if you were Born in the 80s

So I have finally gotten my hands on a pair of Miista shoes. The Batilda boot in brown to be specific. Miista shoes were created and founded by Laura Villasenin, a native of Northern Spain, transplant to Hackney, London where the brand resides. The brand, as Laura puts it is "In a world that has become cluttered with similarities, carbon copies and conventional styles, Miista brings an uncommon beauty to the street". And this does ring true, as a blogger immersed in the abundance of fashion splattered all over the internet world, it is difficult to see the trees through the forest and come across other promising brands. We seem to be saturated with just a select few, but alas there are more options out there for us to explore.

 These three words define the Miista brand perfectly :
 "Full-bodied – robust and bold features
  Crafted – thoughtful and with unexpected details
  Elegance – for headstrong women"

 Miista features chunky heels and platforms, thick durable leather and buckles too, all adhering to a motorcycle riding, black death cigarette smoking, leather wearing image of a true badass female but with a touch of sleek refinement.
I ordered the Batilda boot in a size eur39 which is a size US8, as the brand seems to run a bit small. I say they run small as I tend to wear a eur38 at times, but in this case as is with a lot of european designers, a eur39 would be equal to a US8.
 Speaking like the true whiner that I am when it comes to anything obstructing my comfort, the Batilda is overall very comfy and easy to walk in due to the hidden platform and chunky heel which seems to empower your stride as you walk by.

 Herewith a few of my personal favs from the Miista online shop..
Andee boot
Naia in sand

Miista shoes have their own names, as if giving each one their own unique character, making them exceptional and exquisite.

Oh and by the way, speaking of shoes, have you guys heard of the Dolce Vita free shoe giveaway ? DV is giving away 1,000 pair of shoes over the next 30 days.

Be sure to enter soon to win a free pair.

Yours truly sure did, first time ever winning a contest feels pretty good I must say..

My pair landed on my front porch this morning, I felt like a 5 year old all over again, giggling and jumping up and down.
It was quite the sight to see

For todays ensemble, The Lost Boys versus Cyndi Lauper versus Mara Rooney in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo come to mind.


And for today's outfit..

leather crop jacket, Wilson's;top, Goodwill; leggings, Evil Twin; shoes, Miista batilda boot; Lucite bracelet, Tory Burch; necklace, Thomas Sabo, rings, Ebay and Konstantino maltese cross ring


This awesome 80's Wilson leather jacket comes from a friend I happened to make via Ebay (potential friendships lie in the most unsuspecting of places). She thought I would appreciate this gem from her closet, and yes, I sure do. 
So thanks Anna !


  1. I love this outfit! The leggings and the boots are amazing!

  2. holy crap, can i just say how much i love this outfit? those leggings are amazing...and those shoes! that website is amazing for shoes, thanks for sharing :)



  4. so pretty and cool!
    Love cyndi Lauper <3 She is my idol!!

  5. I love the print on the leggings, that evil twin print is fabulous. Miista shoes look like they're made really well, I haven't seen any I want that badly yet though.

  6. i'm freaking in love with your style! was a fan on LB for a while but just started reading your blog and I CAN'T STOP! followed you on GFC! <3<3<3

    Beyond Me

  7. Miista shoes are gorgeous- I had ordered a pair once but sadly they were too small, and by the time I received mine, that model was sold out... It's a sad story. The ones you received and the ones you are wearing are gorgeous- definitely elegant and full-bodied.

    I love this outfit as well (obvi). That leather jacket.... I gotta make me some friends on ebay...!

  8. Love combination leggins with suns and moons with awesome boots and leather jacket!Jewellery are perfect suit to all!

  9. The leggings and shoes are just fab! That's so awesome your friend sent you her leather jacket too.

    Also congrats on your DV shoe win. I entered last week, although I haven't won anything yet. Fingers crossed I get something!

  10. OH MY GOD, THOSE BOOTS!!! I love them! I'm so glad you won a pair of the DVs from their contest -- woohoo!

  11. Amazing outfit! I love your page on lookbook... ;) I follow you now <3

  12. Very cool leggings!!


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