Monday, February 27, 2012

A little ink in my Life

When I was about 7 years old, one of my uncle's invited my parents and I to his wedding in Washington DC. A very formal affair, my Mom spent a fortune buying me all these new dresses with matching sweaters and shoes (as is with these sort of events, and oddly enough childs clothing don' cost less than adults clothing), which obviously made me very ticked off, because at the time (and still today), I was a true tom boy at heart, so anything that had to do with shopping for girly attire, that included frill or pastel was to say the least, tantrum or rather sulk provoking.

 So before the big day, all us ladies (big girls and not so big girls like myself) lunched at a very fancy schmancy restaurant with a long oak table. Needless to say, unbeknownst to my Mommy Dearest, that before we flew to Washington, DC to attend this rather pompous affair, I had pasted an enormous fake tattoo of a large angry looking Dragon spewing fire out of his mouth, directly onto my chest. I was truly proud of having a chest adorned with this amazing dragon tattoo and the fact that I was quite the rebel badass chick for choosing such a design (and the location, being my bony ribcage), I decided to expose myself to all the lunching ladies at the table, showing them, just who was the boss at this show. A few gasps erupted, my Mother almost fainted, however I thought that was the coolest moment that went down in all of history. So when I was approached by Swedish online store Fake Tattoo, I was of course thrilled to want to collaborate for the blog.

I chose a feather and some little itty bitty ones, especially since I have a thing for bunnies..

uh, no, not those bunnies..

..but the furry kind.


Herewith a few favs from the Fake Tattoo online shop

From one of my fav Daft Punk songs, this one says Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

And I love these designed by Citty Olsen for Fake Tattoo

And my ultimate fav, which reminds me of an Aubrey Beardsley illustration..

Use this discount code to get 10% off site wide: Disco fever


And for todays outfit..

poncho, MinkPink;top, UO; jeans,Current Elliott;shoes,Senso Diffusion Delilah;rings, Gareth Pugh Scythe Ring;Fake tattoos c/o Fake Tattoos

Since starting this semester, where I have been taking fine art classes, jewelry design in particular, sawing, burning, pinching and cutting have been just a handful of actions where my poor hands have suffered from. But in the end, the process is quite rewarding. So I haven't been very up to date with the blog lately, however due to my recent discovery for metal arts and jewelry making, I will be posting some previews of my work soon, where I will be selling my small pilot collection via Etsy for those who might be interested !

You can already add me to your circle on Etsy if you have an account here.


And congrats to Jean DuJardin for winning an Academy Award !

I've been a fan ever since the French film, 99 Francs

99 Francs movie poster



  1. I actually never would have pictured you as a tomboy, but hey, you learn something new everyday! I love the shoes you're wearing in this post. Good luck with the jewellery making!

  2. Cool story!
    The small bunny looks amazing with your ring

  3. OMG! I'm impressed with your unique shoes and ring! You look so extraordinary!!!!WOW!

  4. super love the whole outfit!
    follow my blog and i will follow you too!
    Decimal Shoes blog
    Decimal Shoes Web

  5. I love your tattoos, as well as the owl and the skull in the photos! Your shoes and ring are really interesting too. I'm rapidly developing an obsession with your style! I loved reading your story about the dragon tattoo as well. It really made me smile to myself xxx

  6. this whole outfit is totally amazing, those shoes and that ring are the coolest things ever!! and that tattoo story is hilarious, thanks for sharing! the tattoos look amazing :)
    by the way, your hair looks awesome like that!


  7. that ring! and those shoes!

    Severine, i adore your style and was so suprised that you found my blog ha. after madeline pendleton suggested to her readers to check out your blog via formspring, i've been admiring your looks.

    I look forward to seeing what else you're going to put together!

  8. I am in love with your hair!


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