Monday, June 25, 2012

I was born with a Sourpuss face.

Once on youtube, they seem to read your mind, and suggest the most delectable tunes for you to sample. I cam across South Africa's gem, Die Antwoord, and a switch flipped. Visual stimulation at its best. Check out "I Fink you Freaky" and my personal fav "Baby's on Fire".


This outfit is inspired by pixie/garden-gnome cuteness that is Yo-Landi.



sweater, vintage
crop top, UO
floral shorts c/o urban1972
socks, American Apparel
floral boots, Dr Martens
choker, available here
cross ring, thanks to Toshiko's awesome giveaway


ps. I've hopped on ye olde technological bandwagon and am now addicted to one more pointless online thingamajig that is Instagram. Damn I love to waste time.

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(thats an alliteration folks ! you know how i love 'em)



  1. After seeing the first pics of Yo-Landi I expected to see you in bubblegum colours and blonde hair. This is so much better :)

    I love the dark colours of the outfit and the fact that the shades in the floral shorts are repeated in the crochet sweater and boots. Your choice of accessories are perfect, again. I love that choker!

    Kisses !

  2. Aaaah I love the photos (of you and Yo-Landi, duh). Your necklace. is. perfect. I really want to get it now...O the pains of shipping costs. And money in general. You look superfabulous, OBVSLY.

  3. I love that lip color on you!!! Goes amazing with the oufit.

  4. I absolutely love your look. You give florals & knits a unique twist, different than the typical girly looks. The bold lip colour is definitely working for you!


  5. floral on floral, i liek it! And i think that die antwoord are pretty epic to be honest,

    rebecca x

  6. you are so beautiful! so grunge!

  7. oh man your super cute, and those yolandi pictures just make me want to be her bfffff

  8. Adoore ur style ! Amazing amazing. Glad that I discovered ur blog!

    xx from BCN

  9. lovely look! you're so unique :)

    XO Sahra

  10. Hi, pretty blog :-)
    I have followed you, follow me back please :-)

  11. u look fantastic and u r really pretty! *.*

  12. I flipping love your hair in these pictures and everything about your look!

  13. ayup yolandi is the shit. love your outfit xx

  14. UGH I fucking love Yolandi. She's my current muse! <33

  15. love your flower-everywhere-uhm-outfit.
    aw how white skin fit with black tone


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