Monday, August 20, 2012

Woolf woolf.

You know those movies that are so bad, they're just...

 so good ?

yep, I guess that made no sense.

◊ ◊ ◊

Anyhoo, recently, it occurred to me, whilst waltzing down memory lane, the amazingness that is Troll 2.

Hello ? Remember me ?

Yes. Ohhh yes.

And as Peter Steele/The Lost Boys has officially taken over my closet, Benicio del Toro thought it might help the overall darkness, to lend me his raccoon eyes.

Its all due to the late night golden nugget watching ?

Thanks B.

 ◊ ◊ ◊

jacket, Aritzia
top, Actual Pain
leggings, Urban Outfitters
heels, ye olde JC


  1. love you. cuz you watch troll 2 late at night. yes, you would be the perfect partner in crime... thank goodness we don't live in proximity as we'd be in trouble.

    and the get-up is perfection in all is wolf floral velvet glory xo

  2. i am in love with your style! so bold and unique!
    style societe

  3. I LOVE those velvet pants! So amazing!


  4. I think all the different tones of red in this look are so striking and lovely. I particular like the floral jacket worn with that t-shirt. The wolf looks like it's about to attack, the floral blazer is a nice contrast. Because flowers are, you know... flowers.

  5. (also, you are a genius, and such a good writer.)

  6. I'm loving your blog!!! Cool outfits here, and the header is amazing as well =)
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  7. Love the gothic/grungy look!


  8. Those velvet pants are absolutely crazy, I love it! ;)

  9. i love your hair!!

  10. you rocked this outfit! HOT pants!!!!

  11. i´ve been checking your entire blog. great looks and clothes and with that beautiful face, any hair color suits you.

  12. i am impressed, your blog is fantastic! follow u of course.


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