Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A title says it all

I recently created a new blog for my photography, if you'd like to take a gander.

If all goes as planned, this coming weekend will be my first ever wedding shoot after having been second shooter to an engagement shoot last sunday.

I'm weak in the knees excited, you can tell by my always shiny disposition, in the photos below.

 (I really am though ☺)

sweater, thrifted
top, UNIF
leggings, Actual Pain
heels, Jeffrey Campbell

☁ ☁ ☁


  1. HOLY SHIT that is some strange-magic-art going on up there and I love it. Actually. It's so freakin' inspiring I'm just stalking his portfolio now wow i'm not even joking usually i'm not this intensely amazed by stuff but wooaah. k and your leggings just do it for me. you are the best. you wear cats on your shirt. cooooooool.

  2. wooooh your friend is so talented :D

  3. Your friend's art is rad.

    Also, I should win, because I find you/your style totally inspiring, I am dying for some new accessories, and I am one broke lady. Also, I am the first to comment about the contest sooo0ooo.

    Lauren (lolalofi@yahoo.com)

  4. cool work!

    i have that unif top too. its the best.

  5. ugh, amazing. just amazing. You and Sean are just fantastic. i love your new header. i love this outfit. i love creative people. i love Sean. Severine, Y U SO SMART 'N PURTY?

  6. madly appreciating this look esp your leggings. so rad


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