Friday, November 30, 2012

Innit for the fun timez

I think we tend to forget that choosing what to wear everyday is supposed to be fun timez playing dress up (I attempted the royal "we" to get a feeling of solidarity here..*winky wink)

Since this past summer, due to harsh rays frying last brain cells that this here old lady possesses, I became sullen and withdrawn, typical symptoms of Summeritis and I couldn't care whether potato sack or garbage bag was the daily attire. (You might have noticed I started not caring to wash strands upon head too)

What to do ? I know it's old news, but I still can't get enough of it.

Watch this video and be visually inspired or creeped out (as was my cat Tumbles), of the dark, almost Death Metal voices in a slow 'mo version of Chan Chan. You may proceed.


In other news, Violet, the babeliest babe blogger around, who gives me several girl boners daily and makes my eyeballz go glassy with awe, featured me on her collaborative blog The Fabulous Stains.

I am feeling particularly nuttier than a squirrel turd today
 (in short, I'm quite content!)


burnout velvet top c/o Some Velvet Vintage
leopard print shorts c/o Lulu's
necklace c/o Vanessa Mooney
shoes, Gee WaWa



  1. omg your description of violet = flawless. major lady boners there.

    i actually really really really love how you edit your photos (I say that a ton but IT'S TRUE) and i'm basically incompetent with photo editing tingz so there is MAJOR JEALOUSY here.

    also the fact that you have your cat in this/the last post is great. good pets/friends/life partners, those cats are.

  2. Ohh I love these pictures! They're amazing ♥
    Also your new haircolor looks so good on you :>

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