Monday, April 23, 2012

Talk about being Jaded

"the proximity of a desirable thing tempts one to overindulgence"

 Currently engulfed in Frank Herbert's science fiction novel Dune, each passage seems to be dripping with pearls of wisdom.

It rings true with many things in our lives, where in this time and age we are living the high life. But we need to stop in our tracks and realize just how good we have it. But who cares when you're being stimulated left and right ? We all become jaded at some point.

In the pics below, you'll notice a cowhide choker. I am currently selling them which I individually hand-make and are one-of-a-kind on Etsy, if you interested in purchasing one, feel free to shoot me a mail :

top c/o 
sequin jacket, thrifted
leggings, Evil Twin
heels, Jeffrey Campbell
Delfina Delettrez lookalike skull hand thingy, Hot Topic
leather cowhide choker, myself

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The tale of the Missing Tighty Whitey's

Why Hello.

leather bomber jacket/jeans, thrifted
top, UO
boots, Matiko
 leather harness&choker, myself

Dear laundry room thief,

Rash and Foolish. Two words come to mind as I think of my adventures in doing laundry on a saturday evening, and then proceeding to actually forget said fluffed laundry in communal laundry room whilst many fellow apartment dwellers passerby my undies laying out getting a chill. I guess that being an "artist" would be best described as someone who is pretty much harebrained. That is I. Why, hello, I am the epitome of forgetfulness, peter pan syndrome suffering, careless being that roams Pier 39, steal my tighty whities, cause I won't mind. (BUT I DO) Someone oddly enough stole just my whites. I am still investigating the particulars here, but obviously this person really likes white attire (I am speaking to you). I suppose I could not level with this thief, as moi's wardrobe mostly consists of the color that Emo's and pre-adolescents attract to, black. Sorry, I am told black is not yet a color these days ? I take that back.

Anyhoo. WHITE. Spring is here. Summer will be knocking down the cold front soon and I guess white could be savory enough to throw on one's back. BUT WHY steal my ever beloved never worn (by me) Goodwill sweater which I finally got around to washing as it possessed a stinky dust odor ? WHY would you want to break a The Smiths crazed-fan-girls-heart and snatch my much-loved Morrissey t-shirt ? WHY would you see my $3 awesome-sauce Goodwill find of a white lace top and go "whoa that's totally mine", which I only managed to wear once & felt like I could've been Madonna's best bud in the like-a-virgin-80's? WHEN ALL THESE ITEMS DID NOT BELONG TO YOU ?
Hey it took me some good seconds minutes hours days thrifting all my second-hand-licious articles of clothing. And although I can appreciate someone enjoying and sharing my taste in funky attire, I am terribly heartbroken and as a criminal hoarder of threads, I do feel an emotional meltdown slowing engulfing my being as we speak. Oh and I want my undies back ASAP. My butt is starting to get cold. 

Thank you.


✜ ++ update : i got my tighty whitey's back. Persistence children. ✜

As you can see, I have discovered quite recently I have a "thing" for leather. Who knew ?

Happy Easter sunday, for those of you who are into that. And if not, then put simply: happy sunday. Much love xo

Monday, April 2, 2012

Come to the Dark Side-We Have Cookies

Screw the blond, I've been tempted by the Dark Side.


leather jacket, Wilson's
 blouse, Jones New York via Goodwill
shorts, second hand
 tights, House of Holland suspender tights
 boots, Vagabond
various jewels, Ebay and Konstantino