Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back from the deadliness that is Life

Consistency requires care, but the need to vegetate rules, thus taking the simple pleasures we seek in life (such as blogging, but definitely not instagramming) snatched out of our paws.

Speaking of instagram, I've been quite the busy bee buzzing around standing in one place, creating decrepit looking watercolor doodles, if you'd like to take a gander, you can find me under 'sevesnaps'.

I thought I'd reveal the beauty in the grime that is the tenderloin, or otherwise called the TL, where I comfortably reside, here in not so sunny today San Francisco.


jeans jacket, Levis
top, wasteland
pants, Umgee
shoes, JC



  1. i love you so much. perfect outfit.

  2. YOU. ARE. STUNNING! stay pretty!

  3. Looking super fabulous.. All you need is a stylish pair of sunglasses for women with this outfit, and you would be out of this world.. :) XOXO

  4. Awesome Style Picks! Looking Wonderful.. :)
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  5. been a long time since i've been around these parts... you are lovely... and so is your hat

  6. I must say this is the great collection of your Fashion look awesome in this outfit!!!..

  7. Truly this designer footwear enhance the beauty of your outfit!!!

  8. I am so happy for this post. I am also happy for the florist's comment. lol.

    Glad you posted.. I've missed your face and your clothes and your words. <3

    I gotta email you!!

  9. I am so satisfied for this publish. I am also satisfied for the florist's opinion. lol.

    Glad you published.. I've skipped your experience and your outfits and your terms

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  10. your style/persona is effortlessly cool. I don't think many people could pull off a similar style the way you do :)


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