Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fearing the Reap

You reap what you sow blah blah blah.
I guess we don't always take that to heart.

But we're all doing mighty fine, I guess.

I guess it ain't that bad, because we weren't purposely reaping some major poo at the time. Were we cutting ourselves short? Hey the poo is better than nuthin. Should we be reaping less and contemplating a little more before head-diving into the reap action in the first place?

Maybe. I guess. Who knows. I don't have many answers obviously. I shouldn't be complaining at 2 am. The grass seems greener on any other side than the one you're butt is on anyway.

Late night pizza, get at me. The humming of that fridge is getting on my nerves and kinda nice at the same time.
Goodnight y'all.


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