Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cubism gone Urban+L.S.D. Discount Code

If you haven't yet noticed, under my sponsors section on the left side of this blog, I've added another little ad banner. This time, the banner is from the lovely and talented jeweler Charlotte, who is behind L.S.D. or Little Sister Designs on Etsy. She is most known for her amazing and creepy jewelry, especially her tooth rings ! She was sweet enough to offer 20% off all jewelry in her Etsy store to my readers, just type in SEV20 at the checkout.

Here are a few of the jaw-dropping pieces featured in Charlotte's store :

Tooth Decay Knuckle Ring

Mountain Of Wisdom Ring

Assorted Necklaces

The Witches Brew Necklace

Victorious Vertebra Ring

Drooling much ? Be sure to check out Charlotte's store L.S.D., on Etsy.


Oh ! and I got all Halloween-y and dressed up yesterday in order to partake in the Lookbook competition, would you care to vote for me ?

Herewith todays outfit !

oversized shirt&belt,vintage;socks,AA;shoes,Jeffrey Campbell Xmas

These sold out Jeffrey Campbell Xmas wedges sz 8 are for sale now in my Ebay store. They've been worn only a handful of times because I practically don't have heels (on my feet you see, my leg goes like straight into my foot,so no heel), so when I wear the straps, they fall down and I walk like a duck in them. So sad ! cause they're pretty awesome. Check out my ebay store here.

Have a great weekend gals and ghouls ! xo


  1. Mrawr so cute. Your costume is great. Reminds me of Mean Girls in a way...I hope you've seen that movie. I love the oversized shirt/dress. Very 80's. The wedges are sweet! <3

  2. Oh! I forgot to mention that I've been obsessed with that tooth ring for ages. Cool discount!

  3. I love your outfit and your costume babe!

    you can pull it off !!!

    Love from Germany x

  4. You are amazing! I am so glad I found your blog because you are honestly, so inspiring. I love your style so much. LSD on etsy is AMAZING! so so so amazing. Have a happy halloween!!

  5. love the creepy jewelry & costume well done!


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