Friday, October 28, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

Lookbook and Chictopia are hosting a DIY Halloween costume contest, so I decided to get my wares together and produce a somewhat "spooky" costume. Allow me to explain here, most years I've gone butch like last year for example I went as Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and then I went as The Black Dahlia another year with weird makeup making me look rather like I was the joker (fail). So this year, I thought, well lets get all girly ? So I bought this Priscilla of Boston wedding dress on Ebay for not much dinero's, then got 2 roses from Safeway (can you believe each cost $4?? No wonder Romance is Dead y'all) and finally fake blood for a whopping 99¢, and voila ! I got my Corpse Bride on.

Herewith the results :


Would you care to vote for me on Lookbook ?

Thanks guys ! xo

Oh and did you see that the lovely artist behind Hard Candy Gems on Etsy gave me a discount code for 15% off any of her gorgeous rings and necklaces ? Just type in HCG15 at the checkout.
Go check her out amazing gems here !

What are you planning on dressing up as this Halloween ? ♥


  1. Wow, what a great outfit ! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, hope you win the grand prize :) I'll hype your outfit, of course.

    Kisses !

  2. You did such an amazing job with this! I think its absolutely beautiful :)

  3. Oh p.s! Fake flowers over here in New Zealand are also ridiculously priced!!!!!!!!! What is the world coming to!! haha x

  4. Like the prettiest corpse bride ever. Haha. That's funny because my friend's sister was Alex from A Clockwork Orange last year too. :) Have a safe and Happy Halloween, love!


  5. what an amazing hallowe'en outfit! agree with the above comment, prettiest corpse bride ever. love the way the look is so stylish aswell, one of the most stylish hallowe'en outfits i have seen.

  6. I think you should definitely win! I love your hair and the gore look!

    I still don't know what I want to be for Halloween!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  7. really amazing!!!

  8. Best costume ever seen for halloween!!


  9. really nice costume!


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