Monday, October 31, 2011

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Allow me the honor to introduce to you the talented Charlotte Burkhart from New Zealand, the artist behind L.S.D. or Little Sister Designs on Etsy. I like to think of her as a magician, whipping up these magical gems which will surely provoke a gasp or two as you're walking by. If you haven't heard of Charlotte just yet, she is most known for her handmade authentic tooth rings, such as this one.

tooth decay knuckle ring

Imagine getting into a bar fight with this baby. Not only will your opponent wake up with a splitting headache and a tooth mark on his throbbing forehead, as if some cannibal wanted to take a bite out of you (nightlife is no longer what it used to be friends!) but the lovely words "decay" will also appear branded for all to see. Now thats what I call a night to remember !

Feast your eyes on Charlotte's Witches Brew Necklace. The pendant is a mummified squirrels claw cast in sterling dangling from a delicate oxidized sterling silver chain.

witches brew necklace

But the extent of her imagination and creativity doesn't stop there. Out she pulls from her bag of tricks, the newest edition to her collection, a ring that embodies Charlotte's fascination with UFO's and spaceships. This little babe, the Area 51 Knuckle Duster Ring, stirs up our own inspiration, perhaps this UFO tells us of a sad story of these adventurous foreigners vacationing in the universe looking for bright stars to take back home to use as Ikea-like sitting floor lamps, instead crash landing onto Earth's green pastures and ultimately getting their ship stolen from them, only to be worn on a very fashionable gal's knuckle's. Her magic hands creates this tiny scene of intrigue and curiosity all on your hand. This stunning little exhibition is only a taste of Charlotte's imagination, and would make any adolescent Warhammer-playing male with raging hormones green with major envy.

area 51 knuckle duster ring

I had the pleasure of asking Charlotte a few questions about her jewelry line and to get to know this talented creature a little bit better !

 ---------------------------->Interview with Charlotte Burkhart<--------------------------

When did you start making jewelry and have you always wanted to become a jeweler when growing up ? Furthermore, do you have a formal education in jewelry arts or did you learn by doing ? I started making jewellery when i was about ten, using fimo and paua shell. I sold a lot which was pretty cool for someone so young! I then made jewellery on and off ever since, progressing to beads, then gemstones, then i started to do silver jewellery and THAT is when i knew this was my calling. I love using my hands, so when i discovered this little night jewellery course it was perfect! A laid back, hands on class. Ever since then i have just been doing it alone learning from mistakes.

  Your jewelry line is a mix of dark, creepy, and magical, yet ahead of its time. Your tooth rings are absolutely fascinating and I've never seen anything quite like it! How did you come up with the idea of integrating teeth into your jewelry and have there been people who were taken aback upon learning they're real teeth instead of a fake ornament ? When i went in to get my wisdom teeth out i was SET on keeping them. i was going to be so sad if i didn't. I just always wanted to keep them as a keepsake to make in to jewellery. My mum had my sisters baby tooth made into a charm and i guess i got the idea from that. the first thing i wanted to make when i started using silver was something with my tooth. Then i guess it was such a unique and beautiful object that i wanted to use teeth more often in my work. I get a lot of people who think it is discusting or wierd, but i don't find it any more weird than wearing leather or ivory! i think it is incredibly special. I think people are getting a lot more accepting of the whole teeth idea as time goes by though!

  What or who inspires you when you started creating your jewelry line ? Also, would you give us some insight into your creative process before/during making each piece ? I think i have two types of inspiration, Conscious and unconscious. My conscious inspirations would be television programs (like game of thrones, dexter, true blood) and movies and magic (Harry potter!)... my unconscious would be my boyfriends post apocalyptic battle games, world war 2 and oingo boingo (danny elfmans insanely awesome band from the 80's - 90's).

  On your Etsy profile, you mention that you've been making jewelry for over 10 years so far. When and how did the breakthrough occur when you knew you found your style and you were creating jewelry as you put it "that you relate to and have a burning passion for" ? Well, when i could actually start to make 3D pieces of jewellery in silver is when i knew. The first items i made that made me feel this was probably my fantasy vs reality brooch series. they started me off on a wavelength i knew was "me".

  What are your favorite materials/metals to work with and why ? Do you ever use precious or raw stones ? I (obviously) love working with teeth, they have this really unique smell when you cut them (i sound sick - haha). I love using hair but its not my favorite material to use as it is tricky to set! And my fav metal is silver! i have always been a silver girl i never really liked gold or brass or bronze... I have used some raw stones, but i guess i have moved a lot away from stones since my jewellery "assembly" days. I would love to start working with emeralds in the future. Teamed with my signature blackened look i think they would look pretty amazing!

  You mentioned that you enjoy working with recyclable materials such as teeth and hair, would you like to share with us where you obtain your goods ? Furthermore, is it difficult to obtain human teeth to use in your jewelry ? It takes years of asking people, dentist hunting and ebay searching to find teeth! I always try to make sure the teeth are from the person who i get them from, or to know that they have been ethically taken (by a dentist). 22 is a good age as lots of people i know are getting their wisdom teeth!

  Do you have any plans in the near future that you'd like to share with us ? Such as your newest creation, the adorable "Area 51"knuckle duster ring, do you plan on expanding that idea to earrings or necklaces ? I have thought of making space ship earrings, but that will have to wait as i have better ideas in my head at the moment! I have this insane graveyard ring in my head i cant wait to do, it will be a one off or a small numbered series.

 A big thank you to Charlotte for finding the time to give us a little insight into her designs ! xo

 Herewith a few photos from todays outfit,
featuring Charlotte's Witches Brew Necklace and Tethered claw Earrings !

turband, c/o Gypsy Warrior; Earrings&necklace L.S.D.; jacket,vintage; top&leggings, Aritzia; shoes, Gee Wawa flora in raspberry

The lovely people at Gypsy Warrior sent me this soft bordeaux turband which I thought was most appropriate for todays gyspsy-esque inspired outfit, Thank you Gypsy Warrior ! Check out their awesome goodies, here.

 If you like Charlotte's work, go ahead and check her out here. And don't forget ! My readers get a special discount code, just enter SEV20 at the checkout and get 20% off of any piece of her handmade jewelry in her store. Happy Halloween ! xo


  1. Looking lovely lady! The jewellery looks rad on you! You are such a beauty!

  2. I LOVE the jewellery!!!!!! Amazing. Those earrings are awesome, and so is your outfit! Love the mix of pattern. Gorgeous x

  3. pretty :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  4. Very creative designs!:)

  5. Ugh her designs are amazing. ahhh. I acually didn't realize she used real teeth, though...She's right when she says it's just like ivory or leather. I'm really fascinated by her how she obtains the teeth. She must get a lot of weird looks and such. I loooove the idea of a grave yard ring. I've got to keep my eyes peeled for that one. Also, you look fab Severine! The earrings are great, the jacket is great and I love the headband. I really enjoyed reading this interview! If only I had a job so I could buy some of her pieces lol

  6. Wowww, her jewellery is fantastically strange-liking it :D love your velvet turban headband too, so pretty!


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