Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Eternal Mystery Surrounding the Knee-High Sock

I read about another blogger's impression of the knee-high a while ago (Im sorry, I cant remember who it was, dangit), but now I too have fallen victim to the knee-high woes so I decided a little writeup was well in order. Allow me to explain..

It seems that in our day and age, we live in a time where we benefit from the advancements in technology, in the medical field and yes, even in fashion. Fashion has evolved from prude to "crude", allowing us women the choice to wear what we want when we want, or is that really so ? Despite the media churning out movies and advertisements pumped full of nudity and indecency, showing a boob here (janet and justin much ?), moaning like a banshee there (pretty much every movie nowadays), that it seems we are now immune to seeing someone naked, because ultimately, we've all seen it, and we're aware of what parts we have down there. But despite the years of advancements and the copious amount of time spent trying to scratch away at the surface of a judgemental society and indoctrinate our extremely diverse melting pot that we should embrace all that the human imagination has to offer, deep down in our souls, society really hasn't budged much at all. We've changed our exterior, but our interior or sub-conscience really has the say here, so as Cher put it in Clueless "sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex". Does this mean we can never wear a skirt or shorts without someone thinking we're intentionally out to get some ?

So heres something that is just plain odd to me. The knee-high sock, brought back this year from the archives of fashion history, reminiscent of school-girl uniform socks and the ultimate 60s mod accessory. But ultimately we all have this chip on our shoulder about them, a love/hate relationship we're not aware about. The knee-high sock gets more attention than ourselves, its the tip of the iceberg, the elephant in the room, the thing we need not mention. Well for crying out loud, its a damn sock ! But the awkward stares and raised eyebrows that these feet attire seem to attract is almost so uncomfortable, we want to burn all the knee-highs in our closet. Today I fathomed to add the knee-high to my outfit, *shock*! *gasp*!, and yes, women would pass by and take me in like a tall glass of water (lucky they don't pull out a crucifix), men would give that quizzical "is she underaged? I sure hope so"-look, and at the end of taking pictures for the bloggy, I wanted to find a rock, and yes, crawl under it. So again, its strange that after all these years, an innocent pair of knee-highs have been burnt into our brains as Jodie Foster's Lolita-esque character Iris, in Taxi Driver (1976). The way too underaged, way too vulnerable and waaayy to willing young'in with the mature stare and sweet disposition. Yep. Gross. But can the knee-high ever rid itself of its fowl reputation and just be "the cutest accessory" ever ? without any of those nasty connotations and strings attached ? I'm afraid to say, not in this lifetime babydolls.

Herewith todays ensemble :

sunglasses&crystal bracelet, my new fav ebay store !, necklace,L.S.D.; shirt&socks,American Apparel; jacket,Levis; shoes,Gee Wawa Flora in raspberry


Anyhoo, on a lighter note, have you guys seen the trend report for LF ? Holy smokes !

okay okay, lemme slow down here. I've got a case of motortype (or the most commonly referred to phrase motormouth). At first, I foolishly thought my heart belonged to the Tardy Fab

The fact that its now Fall (you know, the season where rain is abundant? ☂) and this little guy is made of satin. Doesn't sound like the best material for the winter months (maybe in the desert), and Im not sure if they would last very long if you wore them like a repeat offender would ? (I still can't get the Gee Wawa's off my feet, so imagine how I would feel about these ? they'd looked tattered !)
Alas ! all woes about satin being an appropriate material aside. LF brought out their latest trend report and the newest addition to Jeff's super stylish family is (drumroll please) the Lela. *sound trumpets&birds chirping now !*

Oh Lela ! ☀ Doesn't that sound like it could be the title of a song ? Yes, so harmonious. This babe has that curved lana heel, minus the cutout bit which would've bothered the bejeezus oughtta me anyway because I wouldn't be able to go comfy and wear socks with 'em, you'd see my hello kitty footwear through the cutout heel. Not tres cool at all.

Have a great week lovers !♥


  1. Finally, someone spoke up about it! I don't mind receiving stars or dodges due to my outfit choices, but only when I know they're going a bit far or I'm striving for an unusual theme. But when I wear thigh highs, I always, ALWAYS, received snotty comments from old Spanish men, there has not been one instance that I did not hear them shouting disrespectful comments to me when wearing these socks. Again, SOCKS. S-O-C-K-S. Seriously? And to a 16 year-old girl that walks around in bitch-face mode when alone, which is pretty much 3/4 of the time. Unless I'm with my boyfriend, but that doesn't stop them!

    I'm glad someone finally felt compelled to write about it.
    It's revolting.

    I loathe all men who shout out of context comments to me on the street, but due to a pair of damn socks? It's sad. People have no right to judge me on my hostile opinion toward old men and old *bitter* *jealous* women who also feel some sort of intimidation therefore resorting to laughing at me.
    Favorite post from you EVER. Wonderful outfit and writing :)

  2. PS that necklace and cuff are killer.

  3. Your hair looks so great with a little curl. I'm in love with that creepy hand necklace!

  4. Girl. You are so right. I like to try and forget about that when I wear my knee highs but everything you've said is true. It's so strange because they're just a little piece of fabric and such. THEY ARE THE CUTEST ACCESSORY. AHH. Anyways, You look great in them and I adore the denim jacket and floral skirt combo. Your hair is ever changing! I've wanted to dye my hair before, but then I realized I would look like a crazy gurl with anything but red hair...so...I'm always jealous of people who can pull it off. omg Tardy Fab is so Fab. I didn't realize they were satin. I can't even begin to imagine the tatters. THE LELA! Woop woop. So happy so joyous they're so fun wow. I'm thinking about getting the JC Tardy in red, now. I don't know, though. It's all a mystery! Sorry about the massive comment!!!!


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