Sunday, November 6, 2011

Childhood Embarrassments Come Back for More

Having moved to Luxembourg when I was 12 years old, I was not only treading through some heavy duty thick a$$ fog, the kind you see tormenting the Golden Gate most of the time, language-wise, but fashion-wise ? woo-wee, fashion in Europe and fashion in the States at that time, and still today is mighty different.

Now we all have our fashion faux-pas moment(s) when we were young and still "learning" (I guess we're still technically "learning" now, baby steps remember? at least that makes for a good excuse for our occasional style slip ups), and so we don't like to readily admit trends that we really liked back in the day for fear of someone giving you the look as if you've just grown a third eye. Well, I went from really liking the whole grunge look with low rise Jncos (remember those baggy jeans?) paired up with crop tops and skater shoes, to a world completely different. Girls were into shoes called "Buffalo"- these platform shoes so comfy to walk in yet gave you this sort of instant raver/techno look ? (I believe the Buffalo is still around for the cyber goth community. Don't quote me on that though) Blame the Spice Girls. They were still quite the popular characters over in Luxembourg, when the States waved that whole deal away into oblivion thinking "why?". Needless to say, I just thought those shoes were the cat's pyjamas, yeah I admitted it, okay ?? I owned two pairs of these babies too.

Alright, now that we cleared that up, I just want to say that...(in my best Carol Anne's voice) "They're Baaaack !".

Moonspoon Saloon (interesting name eh?), a Danish brand comprised of designer Sara Sachs, artist Tal R and photographer Noam Griegst have decided to take on the now rather dead as doornails Buffalo brand and give it a spin. Not only does it tickle my curiosity to see these babes in person, but fashion again is giving us the green light to be comfortable ? Yes !

So you're wondering "yeah yeah, what are you still whining about, get a pair !"

The only downside ? these pieces of art cost a whopping $424.95 on Solestruck. Now I completely understand they must be expensive to produce, I mean hey ! they're one of a kind unusual shoes, whipped out of the 2000's fashion graveyard where the talented bunch behind Moonspoon Saloon has decided to breath new life into, but as a young student with other priorities to put my money towards (you know, stuff like groceries, ugh who needs that anyway?) these guys might be a bit too far out of my price range for a pair of shoes. Sigh. My birthday is coming up, did I mention that ?

So this is what I look like when the temperature drops. Very unglamorous, yet very comfy.

coat&sweater&top&, vintage; Leggings, Urban Outfitters; Socks, American Apparel; Shoes, vintage Ariat via Ebay


  1. so cool love this look and your blog too :)

  2. Oh shiat that coat looks so cozy. Your shoes are so cute, too.
    I'm not sure what to think of those platforms...$425.95 is a little steep. Just a little.
    Speaking of fashion faux pas' I used to die for those Ugg boots. I had a fake pair from walmart, though. I also used to wear moccasins as shoes, too and I used to cake my face with makeup. I ruined so many shirts. omg.

  3. AHH! Love the grey cardigan with those shoes/legwarmers/tights!
    looks amazing!!
    i love your blog to death.

    xoxo Eva @


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