Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter's in the Air

You know its winter when...

The air is crisp and cool, but makes you wonder if your nose still belongs to your face because the technicolor red it has metamorphosized into doesn't match the rest of your body and you worry it might fall off as you no longer have feeling left.

You're taking off of a sweater and it clings to you like the neighborhood's starving cat, and at the end gives you a *zap* ! as if to say, "well screw you, I'm the one making you look better anyway".

And when you're finished taking off said sweater, your hair resembles that of Christopher Lloyd's character "Doc" and his crazy I-stuck-my-finger-into-the-eclectrical-socket-to-see-what-would-happen-hairdo' in Back to the Future.

blouse&shorts,vintage; jacket, Aritzia; tights, House of Holland; socks, UO; Shoes, JC Tardy

By the way, yes, I too have fallen victim to the hype of the Tardy. And I sure do recommend the red ones, the brown is cute, but red really hits the spot. I thank the fashion world for hyping wedges, how I hate heels, the way they squish my poor pups and create the ridiculous inability to walk more than 3 feet. Sigh. This fall we've really got it easy : oversized grandpa sweaters, socks with sandals and clumpy wedges.

Happy Winter honey pot's out there ! xo


  1. Sweet jacket! I sure haven't seen those tights anywhere, they look really soft! (is that weird?)

    I agree. But these shoes definitely deserve the hype, which is a first for most. I love my blue studded Tardy shoes, these would have been my other choice!

  2. TARDY! AHHHHH. I've caved, too and I'm going to buy them some time this week in red as well. The black ones are cool but they don't look quite right. I'm glad to hear that they're comfy. I'm going to be a giant. You look gorgeous! I love all of the dark red going on and those tights and that belt are wonderful. I really like the knit headband, too. It makes the whole outfit a little softer. You go girl.

  3. I cant get over the fact that you are so beautiful!!! this outfit is styled to perfection, from the gorgeous light pink tips in your hair to your fabulous are wonderful xxx

  4. I absolutely love the burgundy sweater.

    (You should see winter in Finland, with sooo much snow you can barely walk without tripping. Last winter we had 3-4 ft snow, I can't even remember how we coped.)

    Kisses !



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