Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Cozy Coat with a Life of its Own

Today I thought that I would go ahead and channel a little bit of Patricia Arquette circa her Stigmata appearance. Her funky hairdo's, furry coats and chunky boots. Besides the lovely Juliette Lewis, Patricia gives me a twinkle in my eye. Ever since her debut in Nightmare on Elm Street : Dream Warriors, this demure blond has caught my attention. Then came her then her role in Ed Wood alongside Johnny Depp, her sweet disposition, cute smile and quirky ways, I instantly added her to my list of gal crushes.

In addition to todays outfit inspiration, I leave you with a prelude of gushing love for some pretty ladies..First up my all time favorite lady in the whole wide world, Miss Juliette Lewis...




Coat, MinkPink; Top, Motel Rocks; Leggings, Aritzia; Shoes, Ebay; Ankh necklace, Gypsy Warrior


  1. I have no words for this. Wait, yes I do - HOLY SHIT. I love this.

  2. This post is amazing! And your outfit is stunning.

  3. GAH I. LOVE. THIS. WHOLE. POST! Love love love. And for your outfit, I had one of those moments where the moment I saw it, my eyes bulged and big hearts jumped out of them.

  4. you are my favourite blogger!! I just love your style and all your images and your hair is so divine xxx

  5. Inspiring blog ! This outfit is simply beautiful !!!

  6. Oh my god Liv Tyler looks so adorable awww. You rock that bindi gurl! I love this. Those are some badass stompin' boots. dang. I also love the top and coat! You look warm.

  7. ooh you are so cuuuute!!!! <3 I like this outfit!!

  8. this outfit is so rad. i love how its all so thrown-together-perfect.



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