Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Walk like an Egyptian (that 80s song)

Todays outfit is a mix between ✻ Reinhold Messner ✻ (the 67 year old italian mountain climber who I thought was German but Wikipedia says otherwise) due to my trendy old man socks+sandals look, which normally would've been considered a fashion faux-pas (not in Bayern, Germany though, where socks+sandals are a fashion staple), and reserved only for Dutch/German older male's, but fashion brought comfort back yo !

☟☟☟But hey, don't just take it from me that socks are cool, take Chloe here for instance☟☟☟

And this awesome Ankh cross necklace was sent to me by the very stylish and affordable online store Gypsy Warrior. I was so surprised when they sent me this little trinket, because when I was about 11 years old on my way to swim practice I found this high schooler's ancient history book and wanted to take it home with me because it had these awesome pics of all the ancient Egyptian gods. For some odd reason, I was completely obsessed with Egyptian gods at that time, and I scoured my Mom's books for any information I could get. But the god I was most fascinated with, was Anubis ♥ (who was associated with mummification and the afterlife) because of his jackal head and intimidating disposition. In the drawings of Anubis, he carries an ankh cross in one hand, meaning eternal life. So I thought it just to pair up this necklace with a very bada$$ shirt with the one and only Grim Reaper on it. Too bad I didn't realize Halloween only occurs once per year. To hell with that.

I stole this photo from Wikipedia, just for you.

jacket&socks,American Apparel; shirt&skirt, Aritzia; shoes,Gee WaWa Flora in Raspberry; Ankh cross necklace, Gypsy Warrior


  1. that cuff you are wearing is INSANE! I love :) xx

  2. ahhghh you just have such amazing style! It is pretty funny that socks & sandals was seen as terrible but now it is fashionable.. That necklace is so cool, I also really liked learning about Egyptian history & ancient gods.. I mean I still like learning about all of that.. actually. I really like all the pieces of this outfit but the jacket and your top really stick out to me. looove <3

    ps I watch gossip girl on netflix, but I am sure it is online too!

  3. This is wicked. I was obsessed with egypt as a little one as well. I was also obsessed with myths and legends and such as well, which is funny because they scared the crap out of me...I'm totally jellin' of your necklace. I love how it's like a classic cross, but lol no it's an Ankh. I have never been against socks with sandals EXCEPT for those dumb nike flip flop things and people at my school wear them with socks and it drives me bonkers. I love your jacket and all the jewellery you're wearing. You look great in red!

  4. The owl's eyes have wonderful goggle levels.


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