Thursday, November 17, 2011

Its all about spending hours and hours in photoshop...

If you haven't heard, the awesome team behind Solestruck are hosting yet another giveaway, this time for a pair of Messeca shoes ! I chose the Gavin ones, in brown, and thought a GIF would be the best way to present my love for shoes (as you guys already know, i have a thing for coats and shoes, never can have enough of those items). So i spent a total of 6 hours, trying to learn how to make GIFS properly in photoshop, adding words and such, planning out a story, and finally executing it without my photoshop crashing on me, which has happened many times before when I was 4 hours into a photo for my self portraiture work. After such an event happening, I have not only a strong feeling to ram my head through the wall and say hello to my neighbors, but to fling the laptop out the window like a frisbee, hoping it will reach Pier 39, and take a dive into the shark infested waters of the bay. BUT ! credit to my Macbook Pro, for not giving up on me, in this time of dire need (free shoes). Herewith my GIF entry for the WALK THE WALK contest on Solestruck.


Excuse the sort of shiteous quality, I lowered the pixels down to 700px so that my computer wouldn't short circuit on me !

So for todays outfit>>>>>>

top,The Wasteland; blouse, Goodwill; shearling jacket, Ebay; pants, American Apparel; shoes, Bass; hat, Luxembourg

In other news, the THREAD show is this sunday at the Metreon in San Fran y'all ! If you'd like a pair of free tickets to get in, go ahead and leave a comment under my previous post where it says THREAD SHOW, and you can enter to win ! If you don't win, you can still RSVP under San Francisco, on their site. If you do, you pay $5 instead of $10 at the door. If you see me sauntering around the joint, please do tap me on the shoulder and say "Helloooo". See you there ! xo


  1. Oh god how many times Photoshop or Mail or even just Safari has quit on me.. I still don't know how I'm sane (or think I am? hehe). You look so warm and comfy! I want your hat, gimme!

  2. haha. I love the gif! And that shearling jacket is just beautiful.

  3. So pretty, love the jacket and the rings! :)
    Your blog is great! Would you like to follow each other on blogspot & bloglovin??

  4. man your hair with two buns is cool. have to give it a try some day.

  5. Just came across your blog last week and was instantly inspired. I love your style, it’s so eclectic! This outfit in particular I'm really digging. Keep it up my fellow San Franciscan! :)


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