Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winter Daydreamin'

I missed my blog post yesterday, as I am in the midst of creating a mold out of a clay sculpture ring I made. It isn't as easy as I thought. I feel like a kid waiting for Xmas to arrive, only to find out, Santa didn't bring me Hot Wheels toy cars, but Malibu Barbie instead. I have the attention span and patience like a 5 year old, so letting a silicon mold sit for 6 hours isn't my idea of progress. I guess thats why I got into photoshop and photography-instant gratification resembling our society today. When back in the day, we didn't have microwaves to heat up our water to make a quick 2 minute tea delight (2 minutes seem like forever while you're staring at that wizzing, turning machine), or cell phones to keep us constantly connected to the "real" world (turning us into head-down-while-we-walk-drones who forgot to stop and smell the roses occasionally, as Ferris Bueller eloquently put it "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it", well we're missing it), that to have the patience of gold and take time to do something nowadays when everything moves so fast, is not an easy task to achieve !

Today's lighting sucked big ones, so sorry in advance for the spotty noise in the photographs if you happen to notice...

coat,kimono, vintage; top, Urban Outfitters; leggings and socks, American Apparel; jewelry, Ebay; shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Lita Fab in Beige/Burgundy

Good night bloggers xo


  1. Loving the striped leggings! Great blend of fall colors and those Litas are gorgeous!

  2. Hi, I've just stumbled across your blog and its amazing. Omg, I love your litas, they are freaking awesome :)
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  3. omg. i need those shoes. also, you are really pretty :) new follower :3

  4. you are like my dream hahaa. i love this look. the tights and the shoes and the coat just everything is perfect.

  5. PS I see that kimono and it looks AMAZING

  6. all those patterns together are the most wonderful sight!

  7. OH MY GOSH -- this is perfect!!!

  8. I love your look, especially the Big Lebowski tee. Following you now!


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