Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clothed Chameleon does Luxembourg

San Francisco --> Dallas/Fort Worth = 3hrs 30 min + 4hr layover + Dallas/Fort Worth --> Frankfurt = 9hrs + 5 hr layover + Frankfurt --> Luxembourg = 30 min....

 START. I have finally arrived. STOP. In one piece. STOP. Half insane from all the flying. STOP.

For the holidays, I decided to visit my family in Luxembourg.

 The flight was rather awful, not only are you cramped for 9 hrs (after the SF to Dallas flight), but you're desperately trying to sleep because theres nothing to do and you hope that the time will go by faster...= no dice. Due to all the noises (babies crying, the huge turbines spinning, and the sounds of air conditioning), the fact that you feel like you're confined to a space smaller than a tick turd, you feel like a dried up prune, and well, you feel pretty much like a big 'ol grease ball on top of that. My verdict ? Flying across the globe is not only not-so-glamorous, but..very disagreeable.

 So I have put together a little survivors list I'd like to call...


 1. wear your most comfy clothes and slip on shoes/boots (yep, UGG-it ladies)

 2. dont wear jewelry/belts/anything metal, unless you absolutely feel its necessary to cause a traffic jam at the security check.

 3. bring face wipes, and screw wearing makeup. Seriously. You're not going to look like a million bucks after the flight anyway with or without your face mask. Go "au-naturel".

 4. I always turned up my nose when I saw people in jogging outfits carrying their pillows onto the flight with them. Obviously I was ignorant, as that is the best outfit/accessory for a longer-than-the-Neverending-Story-flight. Bring your fav drool infested pillow to rest your pretty lil' head on, the ones provided in the airplane are rather unpleasant.

 5. Im not trying to promote drugs here, however some sleeping pills might be beneficial. Knock yourself out for a couple hours. Thats all I've gotta say about that.

 6. Drink a lot of fluids, I prefer tea w/milk and some sugar. Avoid the over-the-top sugary drinks like soda pop, unless you want to feel even worse. Most likely, if you don't drink enough, you'll feel like you spent the last month or so stranded in the Sahara desert. Pester your stewardess and get your drink on. Also, some hand cream goes a long way, your joints will thank you for it.

 7. AND finally, GOOD LUCK ! Once you get where you're going, you'll feel revived !

 Upon landing in Frankfurt, Germany the snow greeted us. It unfortunately hasn't snowed yet here in Luxembourg, but Im sure we will be graced with its presence sometime soon.

Coat, ASOS; sweater and thermal shirt, GAP; leggings, Aritzia; Trash boots, ASH; socks, American Apparel; Second hand Hat, Borsalino; Purse, Chanel


  1. Tell me about it!!!!!!! traveling is no cool when u have to stay in the air for more than 12 hours.
    when everyone is sleeping, the only thing that u have in mind is i need to arrived and start take more photos lol
    even i sleep all the time in the airplain lol
    sometimes i lost the luch to be sleeping
    ohh dear you are so the queen :)
    the coat is the shit :D
    all you dear
    come on dance to me im one of those that dance even seat down and sing so high.
    jeje love you my friend

  2. I'm liking the dark colors in this outfit! I hope you have a lovely time at home. Too bad your momma got rid of those she's...even though I don't know what they are. I'm sure they're amazing. Anyway, I adore the hat and boots. You look wonderful as always.

  3. Love it, lady! Have fun in Luxembourg. Whenever I hear that, I always think of that Smiths lyric, "Writing frightening verse to a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg." Ha, I don't know.

  4. Love it. The long flights are the worst.
    Have a nice holiday.

  5. oh girl. you're just way too beautiful! the layering is absolutely and utterly perfect!

    have fun in luxembourg.

    xx //


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