Friday, December 16, 2011

Show Me the Nails

Taking care of your nails is important, it is one of the first things people tend to notice, it represents your well-being, you can tell by someones nails if a person is sick or healthy, stressed or at ease and having nice nails just adds to your beauty. I am more than guilty of having unkept nails, (oops, lets just say in many a blog post, my nails look quite victimized) and as a chronic nervous fidgeter myself, I need to keep my nails in shape otherwise they look like Edward Scissorhands went and attacked my hands.

Speaking of well-being, these nails are the funkiest around. I came across a tumblr by Wah nails, a nail salon in London. Here a few images from their tumblr.

These nails look like they could seriously poke an eye out !

A little Xmas spirit anyone ?


Coat, second hand; knit sweater, second hand; top & beige high waisted pants, American Apparel; shoes and knit turband, ASOS


  1. wow! That's amazing!

  2. oh my God I love your blog! I waited for these shoes to be on sale but when that acctualy happened my size was sold out.. :( they are amazing! I love Asos, everything I order fitted me very well.

  3. <3 the shoes! i have a bit of an asos addiction already... i order in UK sizes and find that the asos brand clothes generally run 1 size smaller. funny that they have free returns all the way from the US but not from europe O_o

  4. My nails are looking prettyx similar to yours at the moment...dang I want studded or eyeball nails. Those designs are all so sweet. I've never actually had my nails done.
    I love all of the neutral tones in your outfit. Those shoes are incredible and I gasped when I saw them. I've never ordered from aysos, but they always have really cool shoes. Maybe someday...

  5. Those shoes are amazing! I feel so tempted to order from ASOS...


  6. Crazy cool nail designs :)
    Awesome shoes and that coat looks so comfy

  7. Ohh, that's really good to know. I just recently discovered ASOS too and have wondered about that.

  8. Very cute! Love the nails design, so original! And you are beautiful!

    Linda from

  9. Ohh dear :o
    that look is so much perfect !!!
    i die million times when i saw the photos
    the pants
    the fur coat
    that turband just awesome
    i always love your all posts

  10. asos is one of the best sites there is.
    nice look again.

  11. amazing manicure!!!!! never seen it before such an elaborated one! adore your look too!

    xoxo from

  12. thanks doll
    diying over those shoes and trousers

  13. your look is pure effortless radness! i'm offically in love with those amazing platform heels.

    xx //


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