Monday, December 5, 2011

The return of the 90s platform

A little while ago I mentioned how the Buffalo platform (which I myself bought 2 of back in the day of their peak in popularity in early 2000s Western Europe), and Moonspoon Saloon collaborated on their newest platform boot, much like the 90s raver shoes vs. Jackson Pollock. Now the platform has been rising up all over the place like a bunch of weeds you cant seem to befriend, right in the middle of your flower patch. I can't seem to befriend most, as what Im looking for is a hint of gothic, a touch of 90s comeback and a dash of femininity. Alas, I came across this Japanese site called Tokyo Bopper, an online store and actual store located in Harajuku, Japan. Their store offers genuine leather goods, and upon my first visit I could tell, Tokyo Bopper and me were to be best buds. Unfortunately it seems they charge extra to send to us drooling shoe fans in the US, and most of the wonderful designs are sold out. Herewith a few picks which made my eyes go *pop*.


For todays outfit, I dug out this hand me down from my mother Ralph Lauren fitted blazer and mixed it up with my "staple Winter ensemble" (sounds much fancier than saying flat out that during Winter I can't be bothered to wear anything else but leggings and an oversized shirt) that being 1.leggings 2.some sort of headwear to keep the warmth in ! 3.some massive shirt to snuggle under, and then 4. usually some oversized coat to meet the double snuggle points factor. Voila ! 

coat, Ralph Lauren; top, GAP; leggings, on sale for $15 at Urban Outfitters !; shoes, bought on sale for $15 as well at Urban Outfitters, (holy smokes !)

 You guys should definitely check out Urban Outfitters. They are still having mad sales, and if you actually go into their stores and beat down the crowds(which I know does not sound favorable), you get an extra 50% off, I was stunned to see these originally $50 leggings for $15 !..(I'm still calming down from the excitement).

 Im also wearing my awesome-deal-on-a-lipstick-at-Walgreens, my new found favorite brand Revlon's Va va violet lipstick. It might seem dark in the packaging but whats great about such colors is you don't have to apply apply apply, just 3 coats of application at first, blot your lips, and this babe is ready to go, or 1.5 coats for a nice sheer purplish color.

 Happy 5th of December to those Euro natives who celebrate today ! In Luxembourg, kids put out their shoes on the night of the 4th of December to wake up and find that Santa Claus has put a bag of clementines and nuts in their shoe, a tradition that goes way back. A rather healthy alternative to all the candy ! Also kids usually open their presents today and the 25th is meant solely for going to church. 

Anyhoo, little tidbit there.

 The countdown to Xmas begins ! Have you started your shopping yet ? xo


  1. The first shoes look absolutely amazing - and I think they fit your description the best!


  2. I wish I could wake up with nuts and fruit in my shoes! I have a lot of shoes. Does that mean I get extra? Dang what a good deal on those leggings. They look awesome and so do the shoes. I'm very envious of that blazer. It is amazing!

  3. Just found your blog through this outfit post on chictopia. Absolutely love your look and style, seriously stunning!

    - Tiffany

  4. The contrast between your blazer and the rest of your out totally makes this look, love it!!

  5. I love this so much, the colors just go together PERFECTLY.

  6. u look so beautiful:)

    cool look

    kiss xx rouli

  7. ♥ loving this look, and thank you dear for joining my giveaway, it really makes me happy when a blogger i adore and like visits my blog :)

    kisses Mischele

  8. HI! I'm Izzaura, a new fashion blogger from Indonesia!

    so happy to find your blog, very nice one indeed!!

    i just love this style so much!! so preppy & cool, how you combine the school-uniform-look alike blazer with that floral legging...
    everything's look great!!

    have followed your blog, & if you have time pls visit my blog ;)

    xoxo, Izzaura


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