Saturday, December 3, 2011

DIY Bejeweled and Studded Tutorial

As the studded trend is blowing up all over the blogger world, I decided to do a little DIY 80s inspired bejeweled and stud tutorial on my Levis jeans jacket. First you'll need some studs. I went with round 3/4 inch and 1/2 inch studs that have these prongs on the back of them and a page of adhesive jewels, all from Ebay for under $10.

Then if you want to glue your jewels permanently to your jacket unlike me, who can't ever decide on something as permanent as that, then I would suggest using E-6000 glue. This will glue anything to anything and needs to set for 24hrs, then you're good to go and your jacket will be taking those jewels to the grave. But I prefer to go non-committal and use these adhesive ones, that stick on pretty well if you ask me, and will last you till you decide to scratch them off or they will fall off by themselves if you're a notorious jeans jacket wearer and can't leave the house without the Levis brand on your back. Use a Q-tip or toothpick to apply the glue to the backs of the jewels, and tweezers to hold and apply the jewels.

You'll also need pliers, in order to turn the prongs inwards and fold them over the other so as not to prick yourself, cause they can be sharp !

Ok so lets get started ! Pick out the studs you want and get a visual of how you'd like to place your studs, because they will leave holes, and if you're working on a leather jacket, you don't want to be sorry afterward. As they say, there's nothing left but the tears, so be sure where you want your studs to go. Then you'll want to stick the stud onto the jeans or whatever material you're going to decorate, and press down but watch your fingers. Then take the prongs on the other side and turn them inwards as shown in the photo, so that the prongs overlap each other.

This is how my studded side came out !

Now onto the jewels. I am using adhesive ones, that have glue on the backing ready for you to stick them anywhere you want.

I just stuck them on any way I wanted to and removed them if I felt it didn't look right. If you choose to use E-6000, then be careful as the glue 1. stinks, 2. will glue to your fingers (yikes!), 3. needs to be set for at least 24 hours to make sure the bond is sealed. There you go ! And now your jacket has been officially pimped. Happy Saturday fellow bloggers and internet friends ! xo


  1. I love the colorful rhinestones on the front pocket! Looks really interesting.


  2. Great DIY! Thanks for sharing. Love the jacket. :)

    - Sam

  3. An awesome DIY hon. I used to pimp my jackets (ha-ha) when I was in high school. Studded jeans and leather items are (and were) my favourites, but I always favour unique items. :)

    Wishing you a happy Monday honey,


  4. i've been wanting to stud a pair of old chucks and had no clue where to begin. thanks for the great tutorial :)


  5. just found ur blog from lavois and i fall in love with u:)


    kiss rouli xx

  6. Love your blog and i am now following! I have some DIY tutorilas aswell if you would like to have a look!


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