Monday, December 26, 2011

Sneak peek-age

I always am fascinated where my fellow blogger's dwell. A peeping Tom syndrome.
I decided to emulate the lovely gals I follow, and thus open my own doors and snap away at the knick-knacks and corners of my bedroom in my parents house.


coat, gift from Xmas; sweater&shirt, GAP; leggings, Urban Outfitters; socks, American Apparel; boots, Mom's; turband, ASOS; long chain, Ti Sento; w/charms, Thomas Sabo; assorted rings, Ebay


  1. Love the chain and the headband! And your room looks wonderful - really like the cat rock!


  2. Love this outfit, especially the knit turban!

  3. Such a cool outfit. I love how you mix all the patterns! And your jewelry is drool-worthy, absolutely amazing, silver necklaces are the best.

  4. You are stunningly beautiful. Love your pale skin!

  5. You pull off the leggings, boots, and coat look so well.

  6. I'm in love with your jewellery!

  7. Your room looks really pretty, i love the beatrix potter collection and your jewellery!

  8. Love your boots! You and your mom have great style!

    I might also snap a few pics of my own room. Its such a great idea to share little snippets of our lives outside of what we wear


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