Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Louie Louie Louie

About 4 years ago, I had the urge to adopt a new pup and provide company to my very lonely 9 year old cocker spaniel named Charlie. I researched many small dogs, but always had a soft spot for the much talked about Chihuahua breed.

So I did my research, and looked into a breeder here in the north of Luxembourg, who breeds long-haired Chihuahua's, and happened to have a litter of 3 little ones at the time that I called to inquire. The last of the pick, who I named Louie. I decided to talk him for a quick roundabout, as the weather was rather chilly this morning.

coat, second hand; sweater, GAP; top, American Apparel; skirt, Mom's; trash boots, ASH; Hat, Borsalino; necklaces by length, old gift, etsy, Thomas Sabo; bracelets, ebay, Tiffany, old gift



  1. Your puppy is so adorable! Love the outfit, especially the maxi skirt in the winter!


  2. I like this legging free ensemble. The dark colors are fabulous and I adore your hat. I've always wanted a puppy. Louie is so cute! You don't see many long haired chihuahuas...

  3. Such as cute outfit! I love all your layered textures, especially that jacket! Your boots are quite amazing as well...

  4. I freakin' love this. So much inspiration. That chihuahua is almost as cute as the one on Casey's blog (strawberryfreckleface) in her most recent post, gaahhh!

  5. I love your photos... your blog too. your outfit rocks!


  6. i love that jewelry. its all so amazing. i also love your outfit of course. you're so great with layers. i guess because it doesn't get that cold in florida i'm not the best with layering haha.

    ah and to answer your question, my hair has been through hell for the past couple months with the dying hah. i bleached it then dyed it red and then it faded really badly in a couple days and then most recently i dyed it brown which is also fading now. haha


  7. love your lipstick, what brand is it? x

  8. Looking beautiful as always! I hope you're staying warm there! xo


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