Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Street Fashion

Street fashion blogs are always fun to look at and before you know it, you've wasted (yet again) another hour of your life, dedicating your precious minutes to the fascinating phenomenon that is the creative people out on the streets dressed to the nines. A fellow blogger, Back of the One, turned me on to this tumblr called fuckyeahdroptokyo, featuring the most hip flaunting their unusual get-ups on the streets of Japan. I thought these images made my eyes twinkle with inspiration.

It also seems these gals have found the love for that store I mentioned in an earlier post, Tokyo Bopper, as especially those white platforms seen in the last photo, look like the ones I was drooling over (I lost some saliva over the black version).

I also enjoy heading over to Hel Looks, a street blog from Helsinki. Herewith a few (or shall I say more than a few) favorites..


And my look for a lazy afternoon....

Coat, MinkPink Double Agent Faux Fur Coat; Sweater, UO; Tee, Levi's; Jeans, Current Elliott; Shoes, H&M; Men's oversized Beanie, ASOS

 And so the countdown begins !!

Xmas is almost here, and I have decided to head home for the holidays, home being Luxembourg. I hope I will be greeted with some snow again this year (but only after I get there, as last year I spent hours at the airport waiting for a train to take me home, due to all airplanes being grounded cause of the ice, was not so merry traveling for 26 hrs total).

Any exciting, decadent plans for this New Years eve ?
I can't believe it's 2012 soon, I'm all kinds of confused.
I had to double check.
 I just thought "wait, it must be 2012 and next year is 2013, right?"

.....Ugh, hello ? Nobody's home.

Happy Holidays fellow bloggers xo


  1. Wow these looks are so cool! Seriously feeling like wearing something nuts tomorrow!


  2. cool fashion picks / FYDT is an amazing tumblr.


  3. wow amazing photo finds. loving this coat too! you look so good.

  4. Oh my love!
    u got it!
    and you chose the best of them
    i just die. for those girls
    are like unreal people there.
    but is more SEXY when you are in the streets with people like them :) u feel undress next to them. they put things like u say wtf? just awesome
    love the bigger pants, and that dude with the black outfit and green dr martens!!! the best.
    by the way your "lazy" look is such perfect
    it is lazy I can't imagine the active one lol
    my dear you inspire me so MUCH.
    now you're one of my fav fashion girls. i need a friend as u here :)

  5. How does that girl look so fierce in 101 Dalmations pants? I don't know. I would love to g to Tokyo just for the style inspiration (among other things).
    You look mega comfy today. That coat looks warm. Sweet shoes, too!


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