Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pigtails and Gloom

Charles certainly knew how to get us to slit our wrists with a smile on our faces...


Sometimes, we come across situations which seem too good to be true.

 At least a taste is better than nothing.

But ultimately, life for us sceptics, the world is evil and corrupt and the universe only has one thing on the menu for us : to mindfuck you.


Furry friend jacket, Free People
flowery dress c/o Isabel from I fly a starship (from her awesome giveaway a 100 years ago)
 Boots, Jeffrey Campbell
 short choker necklace, made by me, for my final in Metal Arts this semester
 longer necklace,ebay
leather bracelet, made by me
knuckle ring c/o Beginning Boutique
stack rings, Dian Malouf


  1. amazin dress and boots:)

    kiss dear

  2. cute as a cupcake! :) I love the glasses and dress really suits you :)

  3. absolutely love your choker! i really love how you've styled it all together. such a stunner!
    oh, and <3 bukowski

  4. I'm always so torn about Bukowski...I mean, he was a bit of a vile misogynist. But then every once in awhile I'll read something by him (this piece for example...or The Crunch (2) which is one of my absolute favourites) and I just think - DAMN, dude REALLY had something special...

    Anyway, you I'm not torn about at all! You are freaking awesome! I love the new hair and the print on that dress is stunning! So awesome that you got it from Isabel! She's awesome too! <3


  5. What a memorable and thought-provoking post! Your style is killer. The boots, floral dress, and fuzzy jacket are all things I'd wear as well. Great job on the necklace!

  6. I was going to comment when you first posted but I was in a rush and was like 'this post requires a not-rushed response because DUH it's awesome.' Your writing. Gah. It's so...good. I'm used to blog-writing being really conversational and not-fancy (mostly because that's how I write) but then someone will legit write something and I'll be like WOAH GOOD WRITING ON A BLOG WHAT IS THIS.
    Aaand of course your outfit is amazing. I love all the different levels of necklaces you've got going on :)

  7. your words ring so true to me, especially right now. so errrrrrr with life and people that i don't know what to do at times.

    you look amazing and i LOVE your choker it's gorgeous!


  8. those shoes suit you so well girl. how did your hair get so long so fast?

    I feel like I can guess where your photos are taken at in the city...but there's so many secret spots in SF you can never know for sure ;)

    I am giving away a crystal necklace from Dixi, enter the giveaway HERE :)

  9. I just read saw a link to this from Brit, really resonates with a lot of what I'm going through right now. You're so gorgeous, you remind me of a mixture between young Juliette Lewis and Caroline Brasch Nielson.

  10. love the content of this post mama, I totally understand you...but on a more outfit related note, i friggin loveee this look...that dress is gorgeously perfect!

  11. This is SO COOL, oh my gosh. I'm speechless.


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