Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wolf Thing

Todays outfit, a mix between "Wild Thing", that 60s song..and some sort of Wolf Child.


It seems strange when we try to force things in our lives.

When you stop looking, it will find you.

It will just occur on its own. You'll feel liberated.


Now back to hermit mode.

Sweater, goodwill
top, UO
 dude jeans, Levis
 boots, Vagabond
 lucite cuff, Tory Burch
 leather bracelet, selfmade
 fetish choker/bracelet, ebay
 studded belt, ebay
awesomesauce cranberry beanie, stolen ☺


  1. This is perfectly masculine and feminine. That is one fantastic beanie.

  2. oh severine, how I've missed you look AMAZING. i love this look. super comfy and casual. And the hair looks awesomeee.

  3. Gorgeous! I love your hair color, you look great!


  4. Aaagh you look waaaay cool. I'm not one for baggy jeans but OH MY GOD you look awesome in them. Looove it x

  5. Ahhh i'm not usually a fan of baggy jeans, but you have just completely changed my mind! These are amazing you look so good <3

  6. your photographs are so beautiful

  7. gorgeous photos. love the colouring. and your accessories?!?!!! so goo.d.

  8. What an interesting outfit, I love how you always manage to look so freaking cool in a lot of things that I wouldn't usually like. I'm guessing those are extensions unless your hair just happens to grow extremely quickly? Well, anyway, you look lovely :)

  9. I'm in love with your look. Wearing what you want as opposed to whatever is the style of the moment makes your blog so inspiring and worthwhile to look at and read for me. Thank you for that.

  10. I love your 90's grunge style. It's so refreshing.

  11. this is seriously a life altering outfit. holy hell. you are amazing <3

  12. amazing style, you are so creative, love it !

    xx Ivana,


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