Sunday, July 15, 2012

Giving it a No

In life we are confronted with "Lets give it a go, what do you have to lose ?". Even if you don't necessarily agree with the group, setting or social standard.


The answer ? whatever floats your boat. Mine sinks. Because undoubtedly, you might be expanding your experiences and who knows ? Might come away with a good story to tell at the end of the day, but the phrase "If you cant beat 'em, join 'em", just isn't my cup of tea.

Despite this blog being called The Clothed Chameleon, I refuse to wear attire (or behave in such a way) which makes me feel uncomfortable just to fit in, with the monkeys at the zoo. I'd rather pout and wear a potato sack in protest. I just can't help it, my facial expressions truly betray me.

Now, picture this. Even if you could go undercover and pretend to be apart of the group, maybe as a social experiment, moleskin in hand, to see what these humans are up to, and to prove to yourself that your charms and quick wit could allow you to infiltrate the scene, why would you ? You're only delaying the fact that at any given moment in the near future you're going to despise the crowd so intensely, that you end up either throwing an enraged tantrum in public (*shrug* she forgot to take her meds today), or rather you'll just end up hating yourself for being so foolish as to thinking it was a productive thing to do.

Anyway, enough talk.



kimono vintage
dress goodwill
shoes Jeffrey Campbell
triangle necklace made by me



  1. wow, you are such a gorgeous person.

  2. I am in love with your writing. Hands down. LOVE IT. btw you have such great kimonos....I have been searching for a good one for awhile and everytime I come to your blog I become more determined to snag one for myself.

  3. like most high school year book comments say : "don't ever change". But really don't. i love the way you think. do what you want to do, whenever you want to do it and fuck what everyone else thinks.

  4. Fuck yeah. I agree with you. Why the FUCK would you join someone if you can't beat them? That just confirms how different you are, and how important it is to not conform. Seriously, though. That is such a dumb quote.

    Anyways, this outfit is fantastic (as always). That DIY triangle necklace is excellent, Severine.

  5. fashion looks so good with brilliant opinions.

  6. Brilliant post. I get the occasional heckle from strangers who hate my outfit, which is for the most part hilarious but every so often I find myself a little frightened to step out in something particularly 'outrageous', which saddens me and which I must resist! Also, your outfit is so fantastic and I must buy a kimono right this second.

    Emily Wears Things

  7. I completely agree with you! I'd never do or wear something for the purpose of 'fitting in' screw that. I've been pressured to do so many times but I just can't actually bring myself to do it. What others would consider 'normal' I would feel weird in. Not like myself, ugh.

  8. I love how much thought you put into your posts. Perfect as usual

  9. epic look!
    amazing styling from head to toe.. I'm digging your style a lot.. and I've been looking for a cool kimono for ages! that vintage one is pretty awesome.. stay cool!

  10. I love how you wear kimono. It look so flawless with maxi dress and great jewells!

  11. bang on! seriously, story of my life. it feels a lot better seeing things for what they really are- you summed it up so well.
    such a stunning outfit. and love your necklaces. love your work <3


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