Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glazed Over

❉  ❉

"Life goes on, until it doesn't"

❉  ❉  ❉

Once said by Victor Ziegler in Kubricks' Eyes Wide Shut

Sometimes the obviously petty obstacles in Life seem to get to us,
and that Wrinkle in Time (also the title of a book I once loved), refuses to straighten itself out.

Damn iron is broke.

60s nighty Goodwill
top American Apparel
skirt c/o Urban1972
shoes Gee Wawa Flora
necklace c/o Vanessa Mooney
vintage wedding headpiece Priscilla of Boston via ebay

♡Hey guys, thanks for following, blogging is a hoot, and without some fellow eyes to lurk at this ol' thing, I'd be preaching to an empty choir, and that would be no fun. So thank you.♡


  1. SO SO SO pretty! I love lurking around your blog :) a pleasure

  2. You know I lurk this blog thaaaang of yours. ALL DA TIME (or, like, whenever you post). AND FOR GOOD REASON because YOUR FLOWER CROWN IS KILLING ME. Literally. I'm dead. Typing from beyond the grave, I tell ya. Your robe has also contributed to this recent death of mine. Too. grr8.

  3. No empty choir here! You look awesome AGAIN! xx

  4. wow, looks great, everything I like shoes, you have a wonderful + ah, this color! wreath on his head cool!

  5. dayum girl! you be lookin hella cute! I ADORE that lace robe to no end.

  6. Thank you for being such a great blogger. LOVE YOUR WRITING. GAHHH in love with those shoes

  7. So beautiful - I adore the negligee. :)

  8. You look so amazing - flowers, laces and chiffon - all look so ethereally and lightly!!! You're totally inspiring person!

  9. OMG, so beautiful, so inspiring, love the way you combine stuff !!!

  10. I wish I had your confidence... You stand out and it is great!!

    Much Love

  11. Ah, man, what a perfectly co-ordinated outfit, that cuff you're wearing on your arm, SO lovely! Oh and the flower crown.. aaah, I really want one, I've been watching a black one on etsy for soo long, but it's $60 can't do it right now :(

  12. this is one of your best outfits so far!

  13. oh so gorgeous
    your whole outfit is the shit.
    and your shoes are killing me!!!!!!

  14. love it!! you are sooo breathtakingly amazing and your witchy outfit rocks me! xo

  15. Unbelievable good--that's all I can say!!!!

    Loving your blog,


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