Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lady in Red

☞ Initially, this dress was supposed to be for a different occasion.

I decided to go as Lydia Deetz this year for Halloween, and upon finding this red disaster of a dress in the mission at Clothes Contact, I sighed in relief I did not have to search any further, as I hate spending too much money on a costume and am not the most thrilled at hunting for one.

Alas, it was not to be, as I furiously pulled on the dress prior to this shoot, I realized I was foolish for not sizing it up better, and for not trying the darn rag on, as it went "Rrrrriiiiiiippppp!.." all the way my bum. It was just too bootylicious.

Booty vs. Red Dress 1-0.

That was the score. And boring and elderly as I could be, I traded in my night out for a night in, cat snuggles and Hocus Pocus followed by The Witches of Eastwick on the small screen.


vintage 80s dress, Clothes Contact
leather leggings, Helmut Lang
shoes c/o Naughty Monkey


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