Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Big To-Do

As all of you Wang fans must have known, today was the unveiling of the Alexander Wang and H&M's highly anticipated collaboration. As a great fan myself of A. Wangs designs (but not of the prices), I awaited with baited breath and cobweb filled pocketbook, for the landing of what could be the closest I could get to a piece hanging in my closet without having to sell my liver.

☞☞ Drumroll please

The fruit of Wang's loins however, truly didn't wow me in the way I thought would happen. Waiting in line at the H&M powell street location here in SF, the frightful tension arose, as if I were waiting for Dita von Teese to take her top off and reveal her tassel bejeweled nips. I strolled around at what seemed to be a fire hazard waiting to happen. "92% polyester" the materials listed, and so forth. Either these items were meant to be worn in sub-zero weather, or they were meant for you to workout in to provoke quite a sweat or even perhaps, this collaboration wasn't really thought through. There was quite a mumble going round, some excitement, some disappointment, where at one point a guy said "and to think people were waiting at 11pm the night before to purchase this stuff".

Not to diss nor offend anyones taste, but I was pretty pouty to say the least, the collection was pretty pricey for the low quality of materials used (not the leather however, I admit that was on point with most other leather goods). I was not all smiles as when the Maison Margiela x H&M collab came out 2 years ago, which didn't seem to break the bank with sales it seems with inventory still hanging about the store even 2 weeks after unveiling, but the collection was nonetheless unusual, creative and pretty awesome, price wise on point. Remember that reversed inside out leather jacket? Swoonage. H&M used to be affordable, but now seems to have risen in price at least 40% over the last 5 years. A fake fur coat made in China for $129? Who the hell even knows how "ethical" or environmental friendly that must've been to put together that jacket, I don't want to fathom it. I could go on and on, but thats a whole other rant. I'll spare you that until next time!

I did however peruse the racks and found this piece in particular to be interesting. Oversized, outerspace-like form and the best part? Sith-lord hood. Sold!

(After wearing it around for no more than 20 minutes, I returned the sucker. It was uncomfortable, terribly hot and stiff to the point where I truly just wanted to bust out in robotic hand motions) 😭

Oh well, Wang dreams have dissipated, and Im still awaiting that orgasmic H&M collab that might never happen.

Jacket, Alexander Wang x H&M
top, Helmut Lang
Leather pants, J Brand
shoes, Trippen


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