Tuesday, January 6, 2015

365 Days to the Wind

Hey there 2015, Cheerio 2014.


Over the past year, a few major changes have kept me away from blogging and photography in general. To name a few: Ive started cosmetology school at the Aveda institute to become a hairstylist, discovering a strong passion for cutting, coloring and blowing out all types of tresses, and I have suffered from some emotional turmoil with a loved one that recently passed away. Dealing with loss, and having grown a year older to find out that with age life's wrinkles smooth themselves out and things become frankly, a little bit easier. The simple stupid woes that once stirred my anxieties or chipped away at my confidence and certainty have long since dissipated. Thankfully. Once having thought that the struggle is real, the struggle becomes less intense and the rose tinted glasses begin to slide down onto the bridge of your nose comfortably. Don't get me wrong, the tint of those glasses may turn a bright red, I mean, everyone might have a slip up of some mean temper rising, but it does not remain so.

I also chopped all my hair off. I do like short cuts on others, (dibs to Twiggy and Rosemary's Baby era Mia Farrow) but I gotta say I do miss having the option of a curtain sliding over my eyes at times. However Im very much digging the ginger look for 2015.

Herewith my first post for this year. I look forward to more posts and grumpy pouts (Im not big on posing around in public *shoutout to the strange man who was smirking at me getting my outfit shot, as if I was completely naked or something*).


Vest and dress, second hand
top, UNIF
jeans, AA
shoes, Jeffrey Campbell


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your comments are most appreciated. xo