Saturday, December 6, 2014

Icy Times and the Moody Blues Eradicated

These days, I've been quite the busy bee. Having started cosmetology school at the Cinta Aveda institute back in March of this year, whilst simultaneously kicking myself in the back for not having gone sooner, the overabundance in joy I feel snipping and coloring away is almost sickening to those around me..

The creepy ecstatic feeling I have stroking a complete strangers long luscious locks and imagining how to bring a dull 'do back to life, is something perhaps a reason for non-cosmo students to raise an eyebrow at, however now as an official "hairstylist", no one seems to bat an eyelash at my strange and unusual fetish. People rejoice in my company and ask the big question :
"what do you think we should do?"

Herewith a lovely review by a sweet new client of mine who left feeling fresh and not violated by the adoring look in my eyes at her lovely lengthy tresses.


In other news, I have dared fate and attempted to ice skate at this wee rink they put up in
Union Square..


jacket, Unif
sweatshirt c/o BlindYouth
pants, AA



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