Saturday, November 14, 2015

Shop_Tempus Fugit

And another year older, yet perhaps this time around a little wiser!

They say that as you get older you're anxiety fades, because the brain cells responsible for anxiety die off (they're old so they die). So i guess celebrating the fact that your brain deteriorates like a sponge disintegrating and being expelled through your pee ain't so bad after all!

Ive decided to open a wee boutique via eBay with some of my hand selected vintage gems and sell some of these goodies. Please do feel free to have a gander.

I have also teamed up with fine artist Ransom Edgerton @helldforransom to create a jewelry line together called @shop_tempusfugit <3 My vintage gimlets and handmade jewels featured on instagram, take a peep. Everything is for sale, email at

So for my birthday I went to go see Erik Jacobsen, who's super down to earth (and very cute), tatted me up and in under 2 hours and a cupcake later I was in bed early.


  1. This is lovely, thank you! Looks like a great dupe too!! :)

  2. loving the tempus fugit clothing x looks great on you x

  3. The black jumpsuit is cool, Stunning!

  4. Great outfit, and I love the tatoos of the eye

  5. The accessories really make the outfit and the leather looks amazing. Your makeup is great too

  6. You look great wearing all black! Amazing post! Hassan Sadiq Himex


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