Monday, November 21, 2011

Flarin' all out

Its really starting to get chilly in my apartment recently, at the moment, the tip of my nose is like an icicle, just goes to show these old apartment buildings in SF really have great insulated windows. Besides the grumpiness ! Today I went back to my crafts store and got a few extras I needed for my ring making. I am making rings out of clay and then making a mold, in order to make casts out of epoxy. I tried it twice, and have now figured out what I was doing wrong, so hopefully by the end of this week, I'll show you the results !

Herewith todays outfit, where thankfully a little sun decided to show its face, so it doesn't look like I'm living in the dark anymore...

Levis jeans jacket, sweater, top, vintage; leggings, Urban Outfitters; shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Lela


  1. you look oh so brilliant - i don't even know how to tell you how amazing your 60's look works without trying to hard at all.
    well, i'm lovestruck. that's for sure!

    xx //

  2. these crushed velvet flares are such an amazing item of clothing. i love them.

  3. Your velvet bell bottoms are sheer magic

  4. first of all you stunning!! love your rings and ur deep look.

  5. Sweet pants!

    Much Love,
    Hybrid Hunter

  6. I adore your blog... Can`t believe I`v only discovered it today (discovered, such a funnt word - like i discovered a continent). But your blog does seem like a whole continent out in the open web... Ok, that`s me getting all poetic) Just wanted to say, I really like your style, blog and the name - clothed chameleon. Genius. Can`t wait to see what you get up to in the future!


  7. I'm pumped to see the rings you've made! Dang those velvet pants are bitchin'. The colour is great and they look fab with the Lela. I LOVE THAT HAT AND JUMPER.


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