Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting my Spots

Photography is Death.

Disclaimer : This post is not meant to be a downer !

A while ago, a creative photography class teacher told us that for her, photography meant "death". And of all the things I've learnt so far in my past years in the classroom, that sentence really resonated with me.

Everyone owns a camera, whether they're fans of photography or the casual type to fish one out solely for the purpose of commemorating a special holiday, whatever type they prefer, be it new age digital or good old film. It seems that the camera has an ability to capture the essence or soul of the subject, as if a "soul catcher", freezing a moment in time, what first comes to mind and best illustrates this phenomenon is the famous image Richard Avedon took of Marilyn Monroe in May of 1957.

A moment in time, a memory meant to be remembered and meant to last so that you may relish the image evoking nostalgia and reminiscence. Photos represent happy or sad memories we use to help us remember for future reference, whatever the connotation that comes along with a photograph taken, cameras have given us the chance to record our ever-evolving lives that seem to go by in just a "click". We have the opportunity to question ourselves, what we have learned from our experiences and how our constant ups and downs of everyday life have shaped us into the beings we are today.

So another reason for why I started this blog and Im sure why others did too, is the fact that a blog serves as an online album, a collection of fashion choices through age, lifestyle and random events that occur in our lives. And the fascinating part as to why some of us blog loving gals are so obsessed with blogs, is the fact that we have this privilege of peering into others lives, whether serving to inspire us, or to assure us that we are in fact "normal" and what we have/are going through, others like us are doing the same and coping in their own way.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! Did you guys go out for din-din ? or have turkey at home ?

I actually had turkey dinner along with all the fixings on my birthday, the 14th of November, so tonight, I had Indian food again, pretty terrible behavior for an American if I say so myself.

I have been in a frenzy scouring the major online sales going on.. It seems I can never find what Im looking for ! Check out a few of my picks I thought were pretty snazzy. The best part is that I can never seem to actually like the stuff thats on sale.

Coltrane boot by Jeffrey Campbell sold by

Mink Pink "Double Agent" faux fur coat on

Shakuhachi Black Lace Bell Sleeve Dress sold by

Stolen Girlfriends Club faux fur patch jacket on

TBA boot on Solestruck

And for todays outfit, before you point and say hah ! I will willingly admit I too have fallen for the leopard print trend. I bought this babe on Ebay for $30, its by Monterey fashions. I usually wear a sz M, because I like my coats nice and snuggly so whenever the need for a nap arises, BAM ! I can lay down fetus position anywhere, anytime and my coat will serve me well. But I couldn't find a sz M anymore as I missed the first bidding, so a second person was selling this guy in a sz S, I hate anything tight or small, but this guy (obviously) runs big ! So if you're looking into buying one, this brand is awesome, I've seen a few on the ol' Ebay, so go a size smaller. A little story behind the leopard print..From 0-12 years of age, I was born and lived in Miami, Florida for a while. Totally don't resemble a native Miami-ian right ? as chalky looking as I am. Anyhoo, as most of you know, winter weather in Miami is..pretty much non-existant, is called low 60s. But nonetheless, when I went shopping with my mother one day, I saw this flamboyant, mini-divalicious faux fur leopard print coat (for kids), I was completely flabbergasted and begged the parental unit that THIS COAT was the reason for my existence. I guess at that ripe age I knew that coat collecting would be in my future. Well my parents finally caved and purchased it for me although I could only wear the hot synthetic thing at home, whilst the air conditioning was on HIGH. But alas, as history does repeat itself, the leopard coat has finally entered my life for the second time. Joy !

Speaking of memories, remember this gem of a song ? For some odd reason, I had it playing in my head last night. Goodie !


leopard coat, Monterey fashions on Ebay; sweater, H&M; David Bowie shirt, Urban Outfitters; leggings, H&M; socks, American Apparel; Wingtip oxford shoes, Jeffrey Campbell


  1. great t-shirt :)
    + u are so pretty !!!

  2. Your view of photography is truly beautiful - and that point about photography meaning "death" is seriously intense. And the story about your first coat is so lovely) as always, very your photos are gorgeous!


  3. aww, i always do love your stories/lessons on what humans are meant to do in this world before the wonderful photos. i really liked this one in particular and can't seem to disagree. it makes sense. we use photos and take them that way we can remember in a way.

    your coat and your tee are marvelous as well as your rings! gah. you look so warm i'm jealous. i hope ya had a great thanksgiving :)

  4. i adore this outfit.

    also, its always great to find a blogger who has a unique style but also clearly finds joy in the art of writing.

    thanks Severine.


  5. WOOO! I always thought leopard print was cheesy, but then I realized it was actually waaaay awesome. That coat look so ridiculously cozy! You are really a great writer and I actually enjoy reading your posts. That is a sweet necklace and as always your rings are badass!I hope you had a great thanksgiving.

  6. I love that photo of Marilyn. She looks so... real. Like unposed.

  7. I love Marilyn..I've been obsessed with her lately...trying to find photos of her I've never seen and this photo is just gorgeous.

    You look incredible, also, but you always do. The accessories are so amazing.


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