Saturday, November 26, 2011

Money Money Money, Must Be Funny-as said by ABBA

So the sales keeping you up at night ? They sure have for me.

What is Black Friday exactly ? The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is meant to be the day to start the official "kick-off" so to say, of the holiday season shopping frenzy. Stores open early on this ol' wonderful day to cater to our need to hoard and surround ourselves with luxury. Oh and we all know we're guilty of buying Xmas presents last minute on the whim, but Black Friday gives us a head start ! reminding us that the holidays aren't meant to cherish the moment and stare deep into our loved ones eyes and *sigh*, so grateful we have one another as family makes our lives that much better.......

UGH NO, ITS ABOUT BUYING. duh. MONEY MONEY MONEY. weighty words, from a great band. ABBA. hail.

Hey, I admit I am 100% consumer, (that would make a great tee shirt by the way, steal my idea and cash in while you can), as you can see.

1.I have a "fashion" blog


2.I like to shop.. does 99.9% of females inhabiting planet earth, the 0.1% meaning they probably live in the woods, were brought up by wolves and prefer to go naked (this is a reminder to any males reading this blog, which I highly doubt they're are any, but just in case they needed an affirmation...there you go)-that was not an official statistic and I'm sorry if I offended anyone who is against capitalism and the whole consumer wave. But in my eyes, it is what it is, the more (shoes like Jeffrey Campbell who drive me insane with its consistent temptation to want to collect every design they churn out, vintage coats with anything fringe, faux fur or VELVET, and jewels) THE BETTER. (HAS ANYONE NOTICED I SEEM TO HAVE FOUND THE CAPS LOCK TODAY AND TOTALLY THINK ITS RAD TO USE IT).

Hmmmkay, so Nasty Gal was hosting a 25% off shoe sale yesterday, for the Black Friday mega event, this is what I almost bought.

I thought wait a I tempted to buy this awesome (but crazy) shoe which I know I'll probably only wear on special occasions (80s night) ? I think thats whats probably the downside to SALES (there goes my Caps Lock again). We see something we like, not something we just cant live without, but we buy it because we think we're getting a deal and that makes the whole thing sweeter, right ? Sales have the same effect on me as does Ebay, we are in a constant state of urgency to buy. Hurry Hurry ! They're going fast...going...going..gone. Ooops, you missed out. And who cares really ? You didn't like it that much anyway. But the idea surrounding the "oh mighty sale" makes us think otherwise. So what usually happens, is we buy something from the sale rack and end up buying something non-sale later to compensate the not so greatness of the sale item. Thats why the item was on sale to begin with. Now this is not always the case. You bargain hunters out there, will wait like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on a piece that will go on sale and you save big $$$ (sometimes Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon misses the sale because you've gotten way too collected and calm and snooze you lose, which happens to me often cause I wait a little too long). But most of the time, close your computer, let him snooze, and go make yourself a congratulatory PB&J made it ! You survived Black Friday unscathed.

Ha. Easy to say, not so easy to do.

Herewith todays outfit...

shirt, Kookai; knit sweater, jacket, pants, thrifted; shoes, Jeffrey Campbell; Taxco brooch, Etsy; DIY ring face; Other rings and necklaces, Ebay

If you noticed in the pictures above, I finally finished my little DIY ring ! Next time, I plan on making one blood red in color.

Happy Wkend Loves xoxo


  1. How do you flawlessly mix 4 different patterns? I don't know. I loooooooove today's outfit, though. All of the burgundy is lovely! I don't know how you made that ring, but IT'S AMAZING AN I WANT ONE HOLY SHIII. I often feel that way with sales, too. I thought that's how it was with my JC Tardy, but after waiting for like 3 weeks before I even ordered them, I realized it was life or death and I had to have them for real.

  2. Your jewellery is always amazing/

  3. Lovely use of tapestry. Also, the ring turned out terrific! Success!

  4. so pretty!!
    love that versioon of Lita!


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