Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolution

For today's tutorial, I decided to scrounge around the attic for a book I bought back in 2006, called Burlesque and the Art of the Teese, remember when the Lovely von Teese was married to our loveable shock rocker Marilyn Manson ? Ever since they started dating, I was instantly smitten with this soft spoken, surreal beauty from the past. One side of the book reveals the art of burlesque glamour and the other side her fetish fantasies equipped with latex and leather.

I was introduced to the "cuban manicure" via Ms. Teese, and so I wanted to give it a whirl myself.



My copy of Burlesque and the Art of the Teese 


1. top coat, pale pink nail polish, dark red nail polish, and a tooth pick to clean up mistakes

2./3. Start with the pink polish and paint your nails. This will be your bottom coat.

4./5./6. Go ahead and with a steady hand start off with 3 strokes, the middle and sides of your nail forming a moon shape as you go. Finally take the brush as if you were going to paint a canvas and horizontally paint a curve in order to clean up your strokes from before, this will make your moon look more precise.

Voila !

If you need to, you can use binder stickers, or french manicure stickers to make your moon. I like to paint the moon's free hand.

coat, sweater&pants, second hand; hat, H&M; shoes, Jeffrey Campbell; crow skull ring&long necklace, Thomas Sabo; assorted rings&pendant, Ebay

oh and by the way.......HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 !



  1. happy new year dear!

    great look

  2. Okay, I just have to say I am absolutely in love with your style, and your jewelry, and your blog overall. aaand I'm obsessed with your header(:



  3. your style is stunnig <3
    I'm following you, already :)

    xo, Ana Rita


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