Friday, December 30, 2011

Show me the Body and Others, Back from the Past

Body con dresses, or also known as the body conscious dress, are popping up around the internet like flies at a dung party. ASOS, Nasty Gal and H&M are a few stores that come to mind, if you happen to have been looking for that special something outfit for this New Year's Eve bash, or as the Mayan calendar puts it frankly, 2012 be the last year to get your groove on, cause the world is about to end, so please choose the right dress this year to greet the cataclysmic event.

Not only body con, thus body hugging, but to throw a wrench in the mix, I've chosen a few of the traditional body cons mixed with geomterical cutout and batwing-esque/mesh insert features below.

Nasty Gal




The very prowess-sexiness these skin tight dresses exude, actually originate from the French designer Herve Leger which was founded in 1985 and was acquired by the BCBG Max Azria group back in 1998, was the first ever acquisition of a French couturier by an American designer. Leger had in mind a dress that would shape the wearer's figure with his signature bondage-like strip dresses.

Herve Leger Bandage Dress


Lets rewind a bit. Back when Saved By The Bell, Clarissa Explains It All, Beverly Hills 90210 and Married with Children was on your TV Guide list of need-to-get-home-to-watch-the-next-episode shows, shoulder padded blazers, suspenders, high waisted Levis jeans, oversized leather jackets, hats with huge floral adornments, cowboy boots to peep toe platforms to Doc Martens, knee-high socks (salute!), crochet knit sweaters, buttons galore on jackets, baggy sweaters over leggings, tie-your-shirt-in-a-low-knot style, crop vests and yep, body con dresses were the fad of the day, "here today, gone tomorrow" doesn't ring true. This second skin dress was seen all over TV, from Kelly Bundy to Tori Spelling. And now today, this second skin dress has made its debut all over again, like in the movie "Groundhog Day", now you know what Bill Murray was going through.

Clarissa Explains It All on Nickelodeon,
vests adorned w/pins, printed leggings

The 90210 characters,
Tori Spelling wearing a floral Bodycon Dress

Jennie Garth
crochet-knit sweater

The kids from Saved By the Bell,
high waisted jeans, crop vests, oversized sweaters, scrunchy socks and cowboy boots 

The cast of Clueless,
knee-high socks : check 

...And the best for last, the great, the fabulous, Kelly Bundy sporting all 90s goodness..


....And my New Years Eve outfit choice n˚ 1 (not too sure between this dress or a batwing one with one shoulder)....

coat, H&M; dress, Motel Rocks; tights, Gypsy; shoes, bought in Spain; headband, bought in Paris; necklace, gift; rings, Ebay


  1. Those tights are too amazing. Loved this post - nostalgia.
    All the best for 2012, you'll be bringing it in in style! :)

  2. Got to compliment you on your writing, so enjoyable!

    I don't know what saved by the bell I was watching, maybe I'm too young to remember but I don't recognise any of those people except Screech haha obviously he's the one to watch..

    Love the old pics.

    That sun and moon one is just brilliant, also liking the zig zag elements around the waists.

    Your chain belt is the best reference I think! Subtle detail!

  3. ps- sorry for my crazy spacing, it's a tough habit to break!

  4. this post is kind of perfect. so much 90's goodness! x

  5. Your Awesome! Love how you shared the "back in the day" styles from the 90s! It's all back! Very pretty dress :)

  6. Love all your picks of bodycon dresses! I am glad they are making a comeback! Your outfit is also gorgeous!

  7. Oh man. All of those nasty gal dresses are beautiful. I love the ones with cutoutz and mesh. I'm really liking crochet sweaters at the moment as well as scrunchies. I adore your all black outfit. The dress and boots are wonderful. I hope you have a lovely new years and I wish you all the best in 2012!

  8. Oh gosh you are a beautiful goth princess xxx

  9. This outfit is completely perfect. Totz going in the inspo folder.

  10. gawwwd you rock. this outfit it wonderful. those tights! SO COOL! and your jacket too, wow. the little cut outs with sheer fabric on the dress are super cool. love.

    what can I say, I love '90s fashion.. the first picture captures all the color and fun fashion had going in the '90s.. wahh I wish I could bring that to my wardrobe everyday. Since fashion comes in and then goes out and then comes back in again it makes it hard for me to get rid of anything, because in a few years I am sure I will regret giving them to a charity shop!


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