Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing it back

This afternoon, I decided to take my outfit photos in the rain, and in front of an old steel factory in Esch-sur-Alzette called ARBED, an abbreviation in french for Aciéries Réunies de Burbach-Eich-Dudelange.

ARBED was founded in 1911 and was a major iron and steel producing company based in Luxembourg. There are several old factories located in the southern part of Luxembourg, this one in Esch-sur-Alzette still remains. Iron ore was discovered in the 1850s, mining for iron in the country boomed, created thousands of jobs and in 1876 led to the development of steel in Luxembourg. However, the mines closed during the 70s and there are now some leftover dilapidated factories, despite their tomb-like appearance, they still represent some interesting and important history.

the international beer graveyard (Super Bock: Portuguese; Heineken: Dutch)

Someone "forgot" their underwear. Perhaps the remnants of an exhibitionists' unwanted clothing. 

Leather jacket, Episode; sweater, GAP; band tee shirt, second hand; Levis jeans, second hand; "trash" boots in the color miel (honey), ASH; belt, second hand; long necklace, Thomas Sabo; crow skull ring, Thomas Sabo; other rings/necklaces, second hand

Furthermore, {and perhaps I have a bit of a downer attitude, but...} with the new year rolling onward like a steamroller, despite the pressure and great importance we put upon ourselves to change and to readjust the paths we take that lead us into the future, our past and where we have come from, are a determining factor in our road to leading successful and happy lives. The past being our foundation, and the experiences we have our building blocks. And yes, we are able to change our ways if we do so desire, but perhaps we are content with the way things are, and I feel as if we put too much value upon the whole hype around the idea of the New Year's resolution.

I can relate to wanting to cease our unhealthy habits, such as to quit smoking or eat less sweets or perhaps to gradually cook with less butter this year, but it seems as if the new year demands such attention, this burden of having to perform better, become better and ultimately to change who we are to please an old tradition. The tradition almost resembling a big brother, watching over us, that we must celebrate with vigour the passing of time by intoxicating ourselves into a stupour and lighting fireworks into the air with a great bang. I guess what Im trying to say simply, is that these traditions, and I am not critising the ways of man, nor the New Year's event at all because it is a time to be joyous and spend time with family (as if we needed an excuse, or perhaps we do, a little reminder from time to time ?) that sometimes we set these unrealistic goals for ourselves and for each other, even though we were really alright to begin with.


  1. oh my gosh, first off I want to say SORRY I HAVEN'T COMMENTED ON YOUR BLOG IN AGES! I've only been able to keep up with quickly checking lookbook. I am now less busy and I am going to look through all your posts!! hehe.

    your jeans are perfect with those boots.. it's kind of grungey and girly at the same time.. I don't know, it works. and your necklace with the cow skull <3!!!!

    Also, what a great place to take photos at! so much history.

    Nice points about new years resolutions, it also seems odd because it really is just any other ordinary day, we've just put a label on it.. time is super weird. But it is nice that we are fine, and don't need to change our whole personalities in the new year.

  2. love the write up, and the outfit of course... have a feeling vivienne westwood would approve of it :)

  3. a very impressive rainy day look! especially love your boots and how you layer your tops. u got your own style, which is pretty amazing!

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  4. Completely agree with you dear! hope 2012 treats you kindly just the same 1 xx

  5. Fantastic photos, and your boots are to die for.

  6. These photos are incredible! Does someone take them for you, or do you take them? I am in love with those boots! Keep on being fabulous. Happy 2012. <3

  7. i love your shirt. what does it say, GAMMA?


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